Modric: "I soon came back from the World Cup"


Modric gets a sense of playing matches and improves his ability. "I'm fine, I feel better day by day," he admits. "It's true that after the World Cup I returned very early, without preseason, and it's normal that I have a hard time, but I feel more physical in the last few matches and that's the most important thing."

A Croatian midfielder claims he is still the same, who won individual prizes that recognize his level in the past season. "My game will come, I just have to improve physically."

And without pressures, she faces a golden sphere, with an illusion to be able to do it, but the peace remains the same if it is not chosen. "Let's see what happens, I'm very proud to decide on this great reward if I win it, perfect, and if not, my life will continue without changing anything." My year, with or without a Golden Ball, will be the best of my career. "

Lastly, he assessed the reaction of Real Madrid since the arrival of Argentine Santiago Solar to the bench. "Since we started, we started well, you can see these four games, your arrival was good for us, I hope we will continue this way."



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