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Millennials have changed Baseball


Many MLB managers have expressed that Millennials want to know everything

AP | USA- After the fall of the puppies, he was a pilot last year Joe Maddon He tried to understand the reasons for the collapse.

And reading the book "How to Conquer the Millennium for Bobitos" ("Managing the Millennium for Dolls") did nothing but confirm the already existing impressions.

"The main conclusion is that they do not differ from others," Maddon said. "When you analyze it thoroughly and return to your childhood, we all had deficiencies of the young. I think there are two important factors: the tendency to use technology that is wonderful and which I myself have used, and their desire to know why everything. "

The vast majority of players today are generations of millennia and their influence is felt in all areas.

They were the first to accept advanced statistics now, so they are currently in fashion and show how they are handled on the crowd or on a plate. They want to know the reasons why technicians require them to do everything.

"This generation has nothing to do with mine," said Royals driver Ned Yost. "Nothing to see." You have to adapt and have an open mind to uncover what is what motivates you, how they were shaped. They are very different and their way of communicating is very different in Southern California, Southern boys, the Eastern ones. It takes time to get to know them and communicate with them. "

The Millennials generation's characteristics were at the center of attention when the Cubs fired Chili Davis as the players fought for the last point in the last season, which ended with a 2-1 loss in 13 innings against Colorado in the National League division.

Davis told the Chicago Sun-Times that he had to learn to communicate with the millennia and be fully informed about the players he would work with before taking the second place. In December, Mets hired him as an instructor.

"You learn everywhere you go," Davis said. "There are different personalities with whom you have to communicate. Sometimes you connect with the majority and expect you to do it with everyone, but this is rare. Anyway, I must say that I had very good guys in Boston, I thought I had very good guys in Chicago last year and now I really enjoy the guys I have this year.

The definition of the generation is "art and science," said Kate Turkcan, an expert on youth trends at Kantar Consulting. Turkyan said that the millennia were born between 1979 and 1996 and that centuries – the next generation of baseball – were born between 1997 and 2015.

He thought that the overwhelming impression that the Millennium wants everything on the tray is not correct.

"They do not require things to be difficult. They ask why, because they are part of the generation, or the world in which we have to offer evidence for everyone, "he said.

"They are learning to question … that they do not accept everything they say to them. I do not think they doubt the managers or instructors, but that's their training. They ask why, they want to get to the root of things," he added.

Maddon, who has just reached the age of 65, is the oldest baseball driver, followed by 64-year-old Yost and a driver in San Francisco, Bruce Bochy, 63. Maddon is almost 30 years older than Rocco Baldelly, who in October was recruited by Minnesota as pilota.

Despite her age Maddon has the reputation of knowing how to connect with her players. The Cubans have given up their contract after the disappointing end of the last season.
Maddon is convinced that he can master the next-generation players.

"Actually, when I started it in the mid-1980s, I thought it important to tell my players why I was doing everything," Maddon said. "They want to know why it does not bother me. When they ask me something, I have to have a ready answer."

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