Thursday , June 24 2021

Madrid are hoping it won’t be about anymore

Real Madrid experienced one of the most difficult weeks is out of season. The days after the elimination of the Champions League are always difficult for the team and hobby, which strives to win the most glamorous competition in the world every year. But if they were complicated for Madrid, the last few days have been particularly bad for Eden Hazard. The Belgian, who has been chained to injury for the second season, played in one of the highlights of the season last Wednesday.

When the finals were called and Madrid was eliminated from the fetish competition, Hazard and Courtois could be seen on the pitch and exchanged views with rivals and former teammates (the goalkeeper and left-back inside played until the summer of 2019 on the London team). While Courtois smiled, affected by the recent elimination, Hazard could be seen laughing out loud, something that merengue fans who digested the bad news that just happened at Stamford Bridge didn’t go unnoticed.

Comments against the Belgian national team were not awaited. The white fans directed their anger at the attacker, but the criticism did not stop at the fans themselves, but went further and more evenly Courtois ’father has been openly critical of his son’s partner’s lack of professionalism how this was shown as soon as the game was over. These words hurt Hazard in particular, who understands that the pictures bothered fans, but not so much Father Courtois, who Yes, he is aware of what Eden was doing to be able to get to this last part with his team.

Thibaut apologized to his friend and partner both in Madrid and in the Belgian team to try to close an issue that was getting stronger and stronger and that Madrid wanted to cut as soon as possible. Hazard will have to prove in the rest of the league that this applies to this Madrid and yet, if a good offer arrives for him, the club considers selling for the first time. The Stamford Bridge thing could be the final highlight.

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