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Lady Gaga is sincere about her relationship with Bradley Cooper


February 28, 2019 03:08
Updated on February 28, 2019 at 15:08

No one seemed indifferent to the strong chemistry that was observed between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on the night of Oscar's award on Sunday.

The singer and actor, both protagonists of the movie "The Star is Born", performed the song "Plitvo" while they looked each other in the eye. This proximity has caused many to think about the possibility of romance between them, especially since the singer has recently ended up working with the representative Christian Carina. But nothing can be further from the truth, said Gaga during a talk on the Jimmy Kimmel Live program.

"The shallow is a love song." The Star is born "is a love story. It was very important to us that this connection was all the time & mldr; When you sing love love, this is what you want people to feel," explained. "I am an artist and I think that [Bradley y yo] We did a good job & mldr; I cheated you! "He added a laugh.

On Sunday, "Plitvo" got statues for the best original song. "Yes, people have seen love and know what?" We wanted to see this, "insisted the artist.

After receiving the award, Gaga expressed gratitude to Cooper, who clearly stated that he was his friend and nothing more.

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