Juan Guaidó in Zulia: "We came to listen to you"


April 12, 2019 10:26
Updated on April 12, 2019 22:48

Interim President Juan Guaidó announced on Friday that he is visiting Zulia, one of the countries most affected by the lack of basic services.

"We arrived in Zulia to listen to them, follow them and continue with the organization, and we will bow to a rebellion that refuses to agree with the misery that wants usurpation to be installed," Guaidó said in Twitter.

Governor Omar Prieto reported that interruptions to the company's power supply will take place in the second schedule and will last 12 hours divided into two blocks of six.

Guaidó visited the country to encourage the organization of Operation Libertad, which will end with the mobilization in Caracas and whose final destination is the Miraflores Palace.


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