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Jeff Bezos successfully travels into space and the internet receives him with a rocket of ridicule


July 20, 2021 22:03 GMT

Although Blue Origin claimed that the trip made a few days ago by its most direct rival Richard Branson was not considered a space flight because its spacecraft did not reach an altitude of 100 kilometers, many Internet users were disappointed by the short duration of the Amazon adventure. .

Although it reached an altitude of more than 100 kilometers on its New Shepard rocket, the space travel of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos stood out on the Internet mainly because it received an outburst of satirical messages.

Even before the launch, there were already many Internet users who were far from sharing the emotions of the American billionaire. Thus, in June, more than 165,000 people signed a sarcastic petition to prevent Bezos from returning to Earth.

Now that Jeff Bezos has returned to the planet, the comments have become even more sardonic.

VIDEO: Jeff Bezos launches into space on the second commercial suborbital flight

Among other travel specialties they joked about, Internet users were quick to satirize the cowboy hat Bezos wore when he landed, insurance that the sales mogul picked him up in space.

Other users have compared New Shephard’s crew to “Fantastic 4,” famous characters from Marvel comics.

“Deceived space”

Although Blue Origin (Bezos Airlines) claimed that the trip made on July 11 by its most direct rival, also billionaire Richard Branson, was not considered a space flight because its ship did not reach an altitude of 100 kilometers, much network users were disappointed by the short flight duration now met by the Amazon owner.

“Bezos went into deception. If this is space, then the fireworks I lit on July 4 become a rocket scientist,” wrote one Twitter user and the other compared experience with a very high version of falling from a tower.

So surfer He said that it was more about reaching a very high level in the air, for about 10 minutes, than going into space. Another admitted I would happily go on a rocket vacation if I could spend the night in a floating hotel or take a short walk around space, but I’d rather do something really expensive on Earth than go there for about 10 minutes.

Another Twitter user Congratulations Bezosu because he did something the dog “did better in the 1950s,” alluding to Soviet Sputnik 2 and its “crew member” dog Laika, who was the first living creature to orbit the Earth.

Under zero tax conditions

They encamped near the attic of Jeff Bezos and marched towards New York, demanding that the great wealth pay more taxes

On the other hand, some internet users have opted for this to expose to a billionaire who, if he has a billion dollars for space travel, has enough to pay his taxes on Earth.

Meme, published On Twitter, he caricatures Bezos, who faces a terribly difficult decision to launch into space or end America’s homelessness.

“It’s amazing that Bezos is tax-free in space,” satirized the user in comparing the tax burden with the severity.

The American billionaire successfully landed on Tuesday after completing a long-awaited space trip, accompanied by his brother Mark Bezos, pioneering pilot Wally Funk and Dutch student Oliver Daemon.

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