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In the center of Caracas there was fatigue and stubbornness


July 23, 2019, 06:30
Updated on July 23, 2019 18:35

On the streets of the center of Caracas, faces of fatigue, resignation and even stubbornness were repeated on Tuesday morning. However, despite the national power failure on Monday and the power failure that they were today, citizens tried to mobilize in order to get their jobs and perform tasks.

Eduardo Castro, a 65-year-old blacksmith, claimed that he felt like a rat when he had to leave the Caracas Metro Tunnel while diving and was hit by other underground users. "I almost had a heart attack. I am convinced that new people are needed in this country, because a beautiful revolution does not work for shit, "he said.


Every bus that went by was bursting. Who could walk. Caracas Metro has not served and the capital has long lines for boarding public transport units. Pushing, shouting and insults were not defective while waiting.

Despite the shortcomings of the national power system, as well as the tiredness of Venezuela, many have hesitated to speak of fear of retaliation or to be signed by groups. However, some with the disconnection of the microphone expressed their dissatisfaction with the concerns that the Nicolás Madura regime has preserved for citizens.

Without Metro and due to the collapse of the carriage, a young street grocer José Colmenares walked on Monday through a theme from Capitol to Carapita.

"Today I also struck me, I could not leave my house early. I had to push this truck. This is perfect chaos, madness. If we continue with this, I do not know where to go. If the devices are burned, how can we do this? "He said.


Traffic was on avenues, while officials from the Bolivarian National Police were deployed in some areas and a fuel tank truck to the Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace for the operation of its power plant.

The nearby banking institutions were not exempt from the chaos and tension situation. When they arrived at 1:00 in the afternoon, elderly adults were still staying on the outskirts of the Bank's two hundredth anniversary to collect a pension, but they were not considered.

"I set up my food at 4:00 in the afternoon and because I had an electric stove, I could not eat until 1 am in the morning. The light arrived at 12:00 at night. I cooked everything I could. I ate at dawn and in the morning I ate what was left, "said Yajaira Palma, a resident of the Los Mecedores neighborhood in Caracas.

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