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This year, Paraguay registered 2,397 dengue grapes divided into Asunción and 13 divisions in the country, and it is not excluded that the number will increase during the Big Week, as weather conditions are favorable for the spread of mosquito emitters. Aedes Aegypti.

The state's health authorities today highlighted this concern over the movements that will take place during the next week's holiday and warned that an epidemiological warning for the outbreaks of dengue in the Alta Paraná and Amambay departments, both on the border with Brazil

The Ministry of Public Health also fears the spread of other Aedes Aegypti diseases such as Zika, Chikungunya or yellow fever.

Similarly, they pointed to other viruses, such as measles operating in countries in the region, which can be inferred at this time with exits outside the national territory and introduced in Paraguay.

According to forecasts of rainfall and high temperatures in the days of Holy Week, we continue to insist on the need to eliminate the mosquito breeding sites that normally occur in buckets with water, animal sinks, gutters or open containers.

They also call on citizens to resort to mosquito nets and refuse to avoid peak mosquitoes and reduce the risk of exposure to these diseases.

In the last week, it has increased by 722 cases, resulting in the state and a total of 2,397 people affected by the dengue, according to the Ministry of Public Health, presented today by the Director-General for Health Surveillance, Guillermo Sequera.

This year, Paraguay recorded 2,397 cases of dengue fever spreading to Asunción and 13 departments in the country. Archive / END

The most affected sections are those bordering Brazil, Alto Paraná and Amambay, with 1,352 and 663 positive.

Sequera said that there is concern about the boom in cases that we observe in sections Boquerón, Canindeyú, Guairá, Caaguazú, Paraguarí, San Pedro Sur and Cordillera.

As far as Chikungunya is concerned, Paraguay has recorded 11 cases since January, while Zika has not. So far this year, the death of a woman in Alto Paraná has been the death.

Paraguay has suffered the worst dengue epidemic in its history in 2013, with 150,000 cases and 252 deaths registered in the country with 6.7 million inhabitants.


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