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Hurtado: "We will not compare genoa with Boco"


For the first time, the Venezuelan attacker worked in the Pedro Pompilio complex with three other members of the Xeneixe team.

Emil Fadlallah | CARACAS.- Although his signature was postponed when it was announced because of the various obstacles that had arisen, Jan Hurtado Soon he put on a xeneixe jacket and introduced himself to training Boca Juniors.

The Venezuelans trained for the first time in Boca with Junior Alonso, Kevin Mac Allister and goalkeeper Javier Bustillos, who did not travel on an international tour of the US and Mexico. It is expected that the rest of the team will arrive today and begin to start preparing for the first official semi-final match against Athletic Paranaense for the eighth Copa Libertadores on Monday.

By the bad weather he was a good face, and Churtin's smile stayed in spite of the rain in Buenos Aires during a session. "Thank God for training again. I'm glad that it was very nice to get to Boco, "said an attacker who did not appear in the pre-season of gymnastics and worked alone to maintain himself.

From the first moment it was clear, so he does not see it as a "novel" of everything that happened before the official official arrival in one of the largest clubs in Argentina. "We will not compare Genoa with Boca. I told the representative that I want to play here, I had to agree with the presidents," said the 19-year-old.

He did not speak with Alfaro yet, but he made it clear that he had come to Boca with the intention of learning and playing where the coach needs him. "I come to contribute if you put me on advice, I will try to adapt to what you tell me," he said, adding that he would use the record he was exploiting on the court.

Copa Libertadores is a great goal for xeneixe and Hurtado knows what responsibility he will have from now on with the team. I always wanted to play in the Bombonera. The challenges that Boca gives you, the pressure of people … is something nice, a very big club, "the attacker said.

Dreams came true for Churto. Now I have to do this concretely at the end of the goals.

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