FGR: There were 696 seized vehicles transporting drugs


ÚN.- This Tuesday is the State Prosecutor General, Tarek William Saab, it was reported that in the last 15 months, 696 vehicles that transported drugs were detained.

At a press conference at which he offered a balance to seize and prosecute the illicit drug trafficking in land-based mode, the prosecutor said that 346 of these vehicles corresponded to private use, 299 motorcycles, 107 freight transmissions, 10 busetas and 4 machines.

"Everyone was made available to the State Drug Bureau," he said.

He explained that the modus operandi transport narcotic substances into secret car and van units.

He did most of the drug seizures Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), at fixed checkpoints and others were carried out for intelligence work betweennational Bolivarian police (BNP) and Body of scientific, criminal and criminal investigations (CICPC), under control Public Ministry (MP) as the perpetrator of the crime.

Saab stressed that 839 marijuana panelas (468 kg) and 62 cocaine (69 kg) were discovered on November 8 in a lorry traveling through Pariaguán in the state of Anzoategui. The cargo had a total weight of 537 kilograms. In this case, citizens were deprived of their liberty, one of them being a retired military officer.

On June 9, GNB officials, located in Clarines-Anzoategui, took 176 pieces of cocaine (177 kg) hidden in the walls of the bus.

For that seizure, he stated that "the investigative work allowed two more cases of drugs containing 324 pieces of cocaine (323 kg) to be retained in Cumaná, the State of Sucre."

In addition, the state prosecutor has called on the security authorities to pay attention to such drug trafficking.

In this context, he described the regrettable fact that these mafias were recruited by police and military bodies for the transport of illicit substances.

"Today we can say that this new MP was persecuting and detaining officials in Zulia related to drug trafficking and the military," he said.

He emphasized that this management is not inviolable, that all officials involved in this type of crime will be prosecuted and others have already been convicted.

"Since August 2017, 64 criminal investigations have been launched against military and police officials in relation to drug abuse and psychotropic substances," he said.

After the Saab investigation, 105 officers, 65 accused, 12 convicted and 40 pending an appropriate final act were sent to the authorizing officer's inquiry.

He stressed that on October 29, four Zulia police officers and five from the San Francisco municipality were arrested for the transport of 96 genetically modified marijuana, while the luxury vehicle was illegal goods weighing 52 kg.

"This fight for many is dangerous, but the MP will not have the grace or mercy against this scourge," said Tarek William Saab.


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