Saturday , July 24 2021

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has already raised $ 102 million

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<p>The<em><strong>Dragon Ball Super: Broly</strong></em>    Continue to raise the kiwi in the world cashier! Now and after a few months on the billboard <strong>Japan</strong> (and almost a month.  t <strong>Mexico and Latin America</strong>), a new tape <strong>Goku</strong> and his friends have already overcome an obstacle of $ 100 million collected around the planet.</p>
<p>According to data from <strong>Cashier Mojo</strong>, a recent movie <em><strong>Dragon Ball</strong></em>    it generated a total of $ 101.9 million. Most of the revenue comes from this figure <strong>Japan</strong>, a nation in which he received more than $ 34.6 million. On the other hand, however <strong>United States</strong> followed by an income above $ 30.3 million.</p>
<p>V <strong>Latin America</strong> heat <strong>Broly</strong> This also led to incredible gains for the movie. Po <strong>Japan and the United States, Mexico</strong> It is the third country in which he made the most money with a total of $ 10.4 million. Other Latin nations, where this is also a success, are <strong>Brazil</strong> ($ 4.3 million), <strong>Peru</strong> ($ 4.2 million), <strong>Chile</strong> ($ 3.3 million), <strong>Argentina</strong> ($ 3.2 million), <strong>Colombia</strong> ($ 2.8 million) and <strong>Ecuador</strong> ($ 1.9 million).</p>
<p>And you, you go look <em><strong>Dragon Ball Super: Broly</strong></em>    to the cinema?</p>
<p>Source: Mojo Cashier</p>
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