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Price dollar v Venezuela She rose on the day of this Saturday after the new parliament, dominated by Chavisma, announced an investigation against the old opposition majority in the legislature and will be led by an opposition MP who broke off corruption with Juan Guaidó on charges.

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It is 17.21 (Venezuelan time) exchange rate was traded on 1,615,923.17 state bolivars, data from the portal show DolarToday.

With 256 of the 277 seats controlled by the ruling party after the December 6 election and branded by the main opposition parties as fraud, the United States, the European Union and several Latin American countries do not. a “special commission” to investigate “acts committed before the republic by the previous legislature (2016-2021).

In doing so, in his first working session since Tuesday’s deployment, he referred to Washington’s financial sanctions against Venezuela and its oil company PDVSA and to allegations of mismanagement of state funds blocked abroad as a result of these measures. .

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The outgoing opposition congress, led by Guaidó since 2019, which demanded the presidency responsible for Venezuela from the legislature, with the recognition of fifty countries, encouraged “aggressions” against the South American country, new chamber president Jorge Rodríguez said.

Already Rodríguez – who was in high positions during the government of the socialist president Nicolas Maduro and his late predecessor Hugo Chávez – warned in his first speech as head of parliament on Tuesday that he would not “forget”.

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