Saturday , February 27 2021

Deans of Medicine call for clinical practice to continue

– – Madrid 18 January 2021 – 14:17

The National Conference of Deans of Medical Faculties (CNDFM) demanded that, despite the “situation of uncertainty regarding the possible development of a pandemic”, it is possible to develop to the greatest extent the practices planned in the plans I study in various medical school subjects. “

“We thank the national, regional and local health and university authorities and all the professionals who made it possible to organize these clinical practices,” this organization emphasizes.

According to the global data it handles Conference, “Most internships are evolving (approximately 80%), which corresponds to those who are the least affected in the sixth year (the so-called clinical rotation for different specialties organized at most faculties) those in the third year, those , which decreased more. At 60 percent of the faculties, the internship is conducted in Covid-19 areas. “

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