Saturday , July 24 2021

Daddy Yankee and Ozuna gave cherries to the Roma nobility

Romeo Santos has successfully closed his own Golden Tour in the Puerto Rico Coliseum, José Miguel Agrelot. Puerto Rico was the country to be called King Bachate He decided to farewell on his tour, named Pollstar Magazine as one of the best Latin tournaments and the highest collection ever seen by more than a million people.

The former leader of the failed Aventura group was armed with flirting and romantic songs to regain her fans on the island.

And this is that the ambassador of Dominican music knows very well how to connect with the public – that the lights were dimmed, that the play started to the last song – provoked the enthusiasm of those present from the judgment and accusing the idol of the masses.

The repertoire did not miss their big successes: "Indecent Proposal", "My Little Heart", "Obsession", "Curse", "You Are Mine", "Favorite Hero" and "Just for Kiss".

"Puerto Rico is an immense pleasure for me to spend tonight with so many nice people." It's a great pleasure to close my tour to Isla del Encanto. Where are my Puerto Ricans tonight? "His first expressions were greeted by a lively audience.

One of the great surprises that awaited the first of two presentations on the island was participation Big boss, Father Yankee, who caused it romeists "Go crazy" with your presence. Bachatero sang "Bella y Sensual" along with the reggaeton star.

Then the city genre leader sang his latest hit "Con Calma".

In order to get acquainted with the Puerto Rican people, Romeo repeatedly seduced his usual guiding movements and his "little games" with viewers.

In all his presentations, he also stepped on the stage to the audience, and even a pair that clung to the crowd.

"For me, the most epic moments are, I confess to them when they are involved, and they go to sing with me on the stage." I like to get drunk because they made a crazy self, "he joked.

As if this was not enough, he also monitored the Ozone phenomenon in the final part, interpreted jointly by Ibiza, El Farsante and Sobredoza.

It stands out that a great success was the platform, which was located in the back of the hall, which enabled better visibility for those who sat far beyond the main stage to enjoy at least the segment of the show.

The concert, which began with the @DejayMad animation, also had an excellent display of lights and pyrotechnics.

With your own The album "Golden" (2017), the artist brings bachate into urban genres, such as hip-hop and reggaeton, a proposal he defended with this tour, which took him around the world for a period of two years.

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