Culture of supporters and passage


March 24, 2019 12:01

We return for an instant to the scene: about 40 men hooded with long arms, have entered the home of Robert Marrer, Director of the Office of President Juan Guaidó. If we were to say that there was a raid, it would mean that it happened. They were blasted, they defeated, destroyed everything they found on their way. They shot guns. The pictures after the events do not give rise to doubt: the goal was not just to stop Marrero. Also, destroy your home assets, destroy your home, tear the foundation of your everyday life.

Back to the massacre of members of the Pemón people in February, when they tried to get humanitarian aid from Brazil. Buses that were collected by members of the collectives and criminals were sent to shoot the ruthless native. They carried out their order with excellence and success: they killed and wounded some men who could not cope with them. A similar operation took place in the border area with Colombia: joint prisoners armed with the regime were organized to attack and prevent the entry of medicines and food for sick people to the country.

Back to an increasingly repetitive phenomenon: parades and attacks carried out by paramilitary groups in cities throughout the country. The consequences of these events exceed the worst forecasts. The existence of these groups does not mean that neither Chavez nor Maduro have established agreements with organized crime, taking full account of all: in the nose and with the involvement of Padre López, in the noses and hostility of the High Representative. Military command

One of the most comprehensive chapters of the possible history of the Bolivarian Revolution will need to be addressed on this issue: the pacts, agreements and deals that the regime has established and maintained since 1999 up until now with drug-guerrillas, terrorist groups from the Middle East, groups dedicated to mining, , intended for the kidnapping and hiring of killers at the border, and much more. The history of the fusion of power and organized crime in Venezuela will soon be written.

But there are many more. One of the systematic practices of the regime was the establishment of an extensive mechanism for the production of minors. I will say more: in Venezuela, the culture of supporters has been established and extended. In Sebin, at DGCIM, in FAES, in some FANB units, between bodyguards and security rings of high hierarchies of the regime, men dressed in black birth, who were constantly dressed, grotesque armed and violent. They do not speak, they spit out insults, threaten, overcome, break, steal, arrest, torture and shoot against unscrupulous people who are striking and nightly always attacking with terrible numerical strength. There is no action that does not carry the message of absolute and indisputable superiority. This culture of the slanderer, financed by money from Venezuela, is a program that includes weapons, uniforms, hoods, methods such as nightmares, wild, crushing, destruction, humiliation.

Immigrants of power, distributed throughout the country and whose number we do not know; members of the collectives; Cuban spies and militants operating inside and outside the barracks, narco-guerrillas who control the farm, secret runways, shells for abducted and rest houses; joint prisoners; some of them are authors of Dante crimes that are allowed to leave prison to carry out orders such as firing people with humanitarian aid; prana, which are the enemies of the authorities directly from prison networks for the explicit abduction, distribution and sale of drugs; groups that share their time between drug trafficking and intimidation and violence against democrats; terrorists and Hezbollah operators and other groups that have found protection against Maduro, El Aissami and others; the police and military personnel who committed the atrocities against ruthless civilians: all these commanders of death and violence share a culture, which I call the culture of slanderers.

The slanderous culture has at least four foundations that need to be considered. The former supports broad, repetitive and proven guarantees of impunity. They operate frankly and clearly for two decades without risk: they are the owners of impunity who enjoy protection, financial and logistical support from the authorities.

Secondly: they have developed their way of working over the years. They do not improvise. They are part of a large machine, whose tapes are specialized in carrying out a variety of crimes: against human rights, against property, against the security of other countries, against democracy and liberties, against the prosperity of the nation.

Third: articulated, some and others. Coordinated and supervised. Power activates, mobilizes, manages. This is, and there is no exaggeration, an enormous network of organized crime, which has a center in Miraflores and a military command which, according to its will, controls the state. We can say without any ambiguity: Venezuela is a territory controlled by gangs of criminals. Fourth and final: this culture of the servant represents the economy. Strong economy, immune to inflation, lack, uncertainty, lack of services.

After all this, the Democrats have to ask the question today, before the transition occurs: how will we face the reality of a powerful, tentcular and articulated machine of pastors fascinated by their power and impunity, which Venezuelan territory has as property under its absolute power?


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