Contreras took two at Wrigley Fielder


The receiver went on the street several times for the fifth time in his career and led the puppies' victory from home.

PLANNING | CARACAS.- Willson Contreras struck two homers on a windy day in Wrigley Field in the meantime Cole Hamels in Chicago Cubs cut the series of six wins that followed Angels with a victory yesterday afternoon 5-1 per team Los Angeles Reduced due to damage.

First, Contreras started with the left curve Tyler Skaggs to the left field for solo homer, Statcast projected at 460 feet at the beginning. But it was not enough. In the sixth half of the year, the pups pulled out a new battering pitcher, this time out of relief Noe Ramírez, and took him to the top of the wall of the same sector, so that no one doubted the potential that he exhibited, and this year he climbed to five of his homes. The same tracking technology measured a second shot at 443 feet, although the one-mile designation would work for one of the two monitors.

It was the fifth time that Contreras doubled its daily run and the first since May 11, 2018 against White Sox. The catcher also became the 10th test, as Statcast began to measure in 2015, when he registered a pair of bambinzaos with at least 440 meters in the same game.

Albert Pujols was also blowing, though for Los Angeles on his first visit to Wrigley since 2016. It was Pujols's 57th march in 183 career matches against Chicago. Just for my 58 homes against Houston.

This was the only damage caused by Cole Hamels, who reached his second triumph after playing eight episodes, without tickets and six hits.


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