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Cicpc exhibits a tape designed to put obstacles on public roads

February 9, 2019 09:52
Updated on February 9, 2019 09:55

Officials of the Scientific and Penal Investigation Authority (CICPC) assigned to the Brigade to Prevent the Subdivision of Ciudad Guayana were arrested by five people who were involved in setting up obstacles on the road – miguelitos – and then robbed their victims.

According to the investigations, 35-year-old Jean Carlos Aguilera Velásquez, Kevin Eduardo Rivas Tarima and Nicolás Enrique Carmona Arca, aged 23, Osval Rafael Piamo Lepaje 22 and Yenfer Josué Hernández Sánchez, 18.

They were constrained by the obstacles on the Puerto Ordaz-Ciudad Bolivar highway, a kilometer 68, Unare parish. The scientific police seized sharp objects in a rudimentary way (miguelitos) and the facsimile of firearms.

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