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The introduction of the long-awaited Bakkt platform was postponed several times, but the company continued to focus on designing its team. He recently hired a senior engineer at PayPal and Google as its product manager. These quotes indicate that a company can attract traditional talent in a heavy category, which is a good thing.

Blockstack is planning to sell $ 50 million worth of tok sales by the SEC. If approved, this will be the first sale under the A + SEC Regulation. The Harvard Endowment Fund is expected to participate in the purchase.

While blocking space and cryptoworks have great potential, their adoption is not yet widespread. A study of 90,000 developers by StackOverflow shows that 80 percent of organizations do not yet use blockchain. However, Frank Xiong, vice president of blockchain product development at Oracle, expects 50 percent of all businesses to use blockchain over the next three years.

Development in the sector is encouraging, but industry still does not have the full involvement of institutional actors. Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, has denied that the bank ever wanted to open a store of crypts, as the media reported a few months ago.

After a recent earnings reserve, let's see what the graph is a project.

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We were expecting Bitcoin (BTC) to grow to $ 5,600 and more, to $ 5,900 after a break above $ 5,309.31. However, the digital currency dropped from $ 5,404.82. Currently, it seeks to maintain support of $ 4,914.11. Also, the 38.2% Fibonacci correction of recent growth is close to this level. If the price drops from the current level, this will indicate that the mood has changed from sales to gatherings until buying falls. The immediate upward target is $ 5,600 and above, to $ 5,900.


Both moving averages are inclined upwards and the relative strength index (RSI) is close to the area of ​​oversized purchases. This shows that the bulls are under control and that the trend continues.

The BTC / USD pair becomes negative if it falls below the current level and falls below the exponential average of 20 days (EMA). Therefore, we propose that traders maintain a loss limit in the remaining long positions at $ 4,600.


On 11 April, Ethereum (ETH) fell below the severance rate of $ 167.32. This is a bearish sign. After a break in a larger pattern, such as an upgrading triangle, we expected to have a level of USD 167.32. Bulls try to defend the 20-day mobile exponential average (EMA). If they can quickly raise the price above $ 167.32, this will indicate a lower level purchase.


The pair ETH / USD will rise if the bulls exceed 184.98 USD. The target remains $ 251.64. Our bullish look will be canceled if the pair changes from the current level or from $ 187.98 and falls below the 20-day moving exponential average (EMA). Such a move will confirm that the fall was a bullfight. For now, traders can keep the loss limit on the remaining long positions at $ 150.


On April 11, Ripple (XRP) fell under direct support of US $ 0.350 and a moving exponential average (EMA) of 20 days. He returned to the falling channel again, which is a bearish sign. Bulls are currently trying to defend a 50-day simple moving average (SMA).


Both moving average declined, while the relative strength index (RSI) was close to 50. This indicates a short-term consolidation. If a pair of XRP / USD rises above the falling channel line, it can rise to 0,37835 USD. The evil of this level will be a sign of a change in the trend that can be bought.

If the pair falls below a 50-day simple moving average (SMA), it can drop to $ 0.27795. We did not find reliable purchase settings at the current level; so we do not propose any trade with it.

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Litecoin (LTC) had a profit story, as on April 10 it did not exceed $ 91. The correction stagnated on the mobile exponential average (EMA) for 20 days. At present, bulls try to stabilize the price of a 20-day EMA and continue to recover.


The 20-day moving exponential average (EMA) is offset and the relative strength index (RSI) has fallen just above the center. This indicates a short-term consolidation. However, the long-term trend continues to increase as the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) continues to have a higher trend.

The LTC / USD pair will face resistance from $ 91 to $ 100 up. If this area is crossed, the following targets must be monitored: $ 159 and above $ 180. On the other hand, if the pair falls below the 20-day EMA, it may fall to $ 62,450. We'll pay attention for a few days before we recommend long positions once again.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fell below $ 272.41 to $ 332.58 and activated our proposed $ 265 loss in the remaining long positions. He is currently trying to recover from a 20-day EMA, which is a positive signal. This shows that bulls are ready to defend the first big support of the 20-day EMA.


The BCH / USD pair can now move to $ 332.58 or more, to $ 363.30. If bulls push the price above this resistance, the increase can be extended to $ 451.32. The lower the rebound is at $ 400, but we expect it to cross. Both moving averages have an upward trend, while the positive relative strength index (RSI) is in a positive zone. This means that the bulls have priority.

But if the bulls fail to reach a price above $ 332.58, the digital currency could remain in the range of $ 255 to $ 332.58 for a few days. Before we reposition long positions, we will wait for the creation of a reliable purchasing configuration. The trend will please the bear if the crypt will fall below $ 239.


Since the Relative Power Index (RSI) was exceeded, in the previous analysis we recommended tracking the remaining long positions with a tight limit of loss. On 10 April, the EOS reversed the direction of resistance. Due to the fall, RSI left the area of ​​over-purchasing.


Bulls try to deduct from a 20-day exponential average (EMA). If successful, a pair of EOS / USD could once again rise to the resistance line and, if crossed, the upward movement could be extended to 6.8299 USD. Since both moving averages are still up, bulls have priority.

Our positive vision will be reversed if bear moves a pair below a 20-day moving exponential average (EMA). In such a case, the digital currency could be consolidated in a wide range from $ 4.4930 to $ 6.8299 for a few days.

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On April 11, Binance Coin (BNB) broke up the rising channel and the 20-day moving exponential average (EMA), but the drop in price picked up the price above the 20-day moving exponential average (EMA), which is a positive signal. This indicates that the bulls continue to buy in each dive and aggressively defended the 20-day EMA.


With a recent correction, the 20 day exponential average (EMA) movement decreased and the relative strength index (RSI) returned to the neutral territory. This suggests a short-term design. However, the long-term trend is still maintained, as the 50-day simply moving average (SMA) is tilted upward.

After closing above the lower line, a pair of BNB / USD could rise to $ 22. On the underside there is strong support in the 50-day simple moving average (SMA). We remain positive at steam and offer long positions at the first opportunity. Our bullish prospects will be overturned if bears submerge a price below 50-day SMA.


Stellar (XLM) continues to function within the vaginal pattern. It dropped below the 20-day exponential sliding average (EMA) and activated the recommended loss limit of $ 0.1130 in the remaining long position. At present, bulls try to defend the 50-day simple moving average (SMA).


Both of the moving averages are flattened and the relative strength index (RSI) has withdrawn into the neutral range. This indicates a short-term consolidation. Par XLM / USD has support towards uptrend and resistance in USD 0.1461760. It will change and signal a change in trend if it stays above USD 0.1461760. Until then, we were neutral in the digital currency.


Cardano (ADA) recovered from the above-mentioned US $ 0.094256 USD and fell to USD 0.082.952 on 11 April. The downward movement has triggered our proposal to stop losses at USD 0,080 in the remaining long positions. It is currently trying to bounce off a 20-day moving exponential average (EMA), which is a positive signal. Bulls will try again to raise a general resistance of 0.094256 USD. If successful, there is an upward target of $ 0.20 with a lower resistance to 0.112598 USD.


However, if an ADA / USD pair is dropped and dropped below the 20-day mobile exponential average (EMA), it can be reduced to a 50-day simple moving average (SMA). However, with the still pending moving average and relative strength index (RSI) in the positive territory, the path of the lowest resistance is upward. We'll observe a few days and we recommend that you re-enter the long positions again if you find a reliable purchase configuration.

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The Tron (TRX) returned to the range on April 11th. This is the third time in a year when the digital currency returns to enter the range after it leaves. This shows that demand is exhausted at higher levels.TRX / USD

Following a steep decline on April 11, a pair of TRX / USD tried to get support close to the 50-day simple sliding average (SMA). If the bulls again push the price above USD 0,02815521, this will be a positive development. The pair will raise the momentum after it has passed USD 0,03575668. Target levels to be considered upwards are $ 0.040 and $ 0.0480.

However, if the price does not slow down at the current levels, it may fall below the 50-day simple moving average (USD) to USD 0.02094452. Therefore, we propose that traders maintain the limit of loss in long positions at 0.0240 USD.

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