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Bella Thorne discovers that she is now "pansexual" (VIDEO)


Bella Thorne, presented by Disney Chanel as a CeCe Jones actor in the Full Speed ​​series, is an open book. The 21-year-old actress has never had trouble sharing his intimate or private details in her life. In January 2018, he admitted that he was a victim of sexual abuse, and in June he posted some intimate photographs in his social networks after being threatened by a hacker.

By Miami Daily Writing

Also In 2016, he revealed with his Twitter account that he was bisexual, when asked by the user of this social network and replied with a hot "yes".

Now, the opinion about their sexual orientation has changed, because Bella Thorne recently admitted that she considered herself more than a pan-woman woman, in this way They identify those people who can feel sexual or sentimental attraction to each individual regardless of sex or gender.

In the middle of an interview with ABC News, the former Disney star said: "Actually I'm a pan-woman and I did not know that. Someone explained me well what this is. You like creatures, you do not have to be a boy or a girl (…) literally what you like is a personality. You like it, "is a CNN review.

In this order of ideas, a pseudo person could like the cisgender (people whose sexual identity and gender coincide), transspol, transsexual, intersexual, etc.

Thorne, who was recently in the news of tweeting his bare pictures after a hacker who threatened to do so, has been publicly associated in many relationships with men and women, including a star, over the years. from YouTube, Tana Mongeau.

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