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(Caracas, April 12 – Novice24)This Wednesday, April 10, was first broadcast in history, the first real picture of a black hole, in an international unprecedented presentation that has influenced not only the scientific community, but the whole world.

Scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) received the first image ever taken for a black hole, a historic achievement for humanity and science, as this is one of the most unknown phenomena in space.

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Black holes have been studied for several years, but one of the most researchers about them was Stephen Hawking, March 2018.

In one of his studies, Stephen Hawking warned that "black holes do not exist, at least not the way we know them."

He also ensured that the notion of horizons of events from which nothing can escape (this is the point without the return of the black hole) is not compatible with quantum theory and without the horizon of events there are no black holes.

In addition, Hawking argued that instead of being called the "horizon event", "we call it a" virtual horizon "and instead of" black holes ", they should have called them" gray holes "because they can be seen in these apparent horizons limit and light temporarily.

In his theory, Stephen Hawking tried to emphasize that this is one of the main features of black holes that defines it as a complete disability who has even the light to escape from there, is not real.

According to Stephen Hawking, the Briton said: "In classical theory, there is no way out of the black hole, and quantum theory allows for energy and information to escape. The absence of horizons of events means that there are no black holes in terms of regimes from which light can not get into infinity. Quantum theory, however, allows energy and information to escape from a black hole. "

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