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Apex Legends is a game that has hit hard. The latest Battle Royale, developed by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, has been in operation for nearly two months continues to collect a large number of players in PS4, Xbox One and PC, and visualizations in Twitch (although Fortnite continues to be king).

And if someone is missing out on this list of platforms, this is the Nintendo Switch and so Respawn receives countless requests to adapt its game to the Nintendo hybrid console as Epic did in his day with Fortune. The developer wanted to respond to fans of the game by interviewing the Wired magazine.

It was on this occasion Drew Mccoyhead of the Apex Legends project, who answered the questions, among which there were several possible Apex Legends for the Nintendo switch. "If Apex Legends came to the Nintendo Switch, they would tell you and destroy it all over the world. We listen to all the players who ask us for the game. But during this time I can not make a promise. We have a lot of things on which we work and you have to be alert, although at the moment I have nothing to predict"He replied Mccoy.

As we can see, we did not want to get wet on this topic, but if we are a little optimistic, we can understand that this is a project that has options. No doubt, for Respawn eThe Apex Legends to Switch port is good news, because it can increase the number of players and corresponds to a large part of their community.

We hope Respawn is working on this and adapting to the game of Switch's options; We already imagine that we would bring a stick Kanon kings in portable mode, and we like it.

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