Angelina Jolie wins a new battle with Jennifer Aniston


10 years ago Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston They stopped with an idyllic attitude and the actor started out with Angelina Jolie, who became the crime of the most famous love story in Hollywood, and although for a long time, many fans still do not forgive the glorious interference in the relationship.

One of Jennifer Aniston's closest friends, Chelsea Handler In the years when she tolerated Pitt's child, she criticized and mocked her from various occasions, including her role in humanitarian matters or the great family that she created with the actor.

It looks like a demon. Obviously, when you see someone and you know that he is not a good person, he said in an opportunity. Chelsea was also one of the first to talk about the breakup Brangelina confirming that he must not be surprised by the nomadic way of life, focused on the education of his six children, which he felt compelled to wear.

There are rumors that the problem is that Brad has been drinking and smoking too much marijuana. I'm wondering why he has to self-heal, he jokes on one of his Netflix shows. However, it seems that the jokes have ended and with them his opinion of Angelina.

You know, now it bother me before I was so angry with Angelina. I realized that she was probably just trying to do the things that best happened, what could have happened, the humorist who recognized him at the Andy Cohen exhibition when she was asked about her multiple attacks on the actress and whether she ever responded to her .


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