Alcoholism can be treated with laser beams


It takes a lot of time and effort to overcome dependency and is not without recurrence. But this could change in the coming years, as American scientists have shown that it is possible to block the desire for alcohol in addicts of these substances. They were obtained through a laser system that was directed directly to a part of the brain.

The study was conducted by the Scripps Research Institute in the United States, who worked on rats on a group of neurons activated while consuming alcohol and controlling the need for a drink. Experiments have shown that taking over control of this area has enabled the removal of addiction, observes Nature Communications magazine.

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"The most exciting thing about these findings is that we can control their motivation for a drink with a passage," said Olivier George, one of the leaders in the survey. For this, optical fibers are implanted in the deepest part of their brains, and from the laser can specifically inhibit these neurons.

"We could drastically reduce the consumption of alcohol and the physical symptoms of abstinence," he said, adding that symptoms, when the laser rays stopped working, reappeared.

For the scientific community this work is important because it indicates that the brain is a circuit in which it can be easily intervened to stop addiction, provided that it is known which switch to press and how to do it.

However, the state-of-the-art technology has not yet been tested in humans.

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