A false successor who deceived a high society in New York


April 13, 2019 07:55
Updated on April 13, 2019 08:06

The world introduced itself as Anna Delvey, the German successor of wealth, estimated at $ 67 million.

Delvey lived in five-star hotels, wearing high-fashion designer clothes, enjoying exclusive parties, traveling on private jets and generous generous tips for $ 100.

His credentials soon brought him a place among high society in New York.

The only problem is that Anna Delvey never really existed. Her real name was Anna Sorokin, a fraudster of German-Russian nationality, aged 28 years old, who currently suits her for multiple-fraud robbery worth about $ 275,000.

"The alleged criminal conduct of the defendant differed from investigating fraud by verification to theft of loans of more than $ 100,000 and the inclusion of plots that led to free holidays in Morocco and trips on private jets," said Cyrus Vance, prosecutor of the Manhattan District , when he filed the first allegations against him in October 2017.

Anna Sorokin (on the right) during the New York City Fashion Awards 2014, ahead of the period currently being investigated by the courts | GETTY IMAGES

Private planes and luxury trips

Between November 2016 and August 2017, Sorokin not only deceived hotels, banks and businesses, but also friends.

She felt comfortable in the world of fashion and fine arts and claimed that she had plans to set up a private arts club to be named Anna Delvey Foundation.

Sorokin argued that he should borrow money, claiming that there were bureaucratic obstacles that did not allow him to transfer assets from Europe to the United States.

In November 2016, she filed fake documents – including bank statements – to apply for a $ 22 million loan in order to open her arts club to Manhattan.

Despite the reputation, Anna Sorokin has more than 56,000 followers on Instagram. PRESENTATION INSTAGRAM

The request was rejected, but in any case received 100,000 dollars.

According to prosecutors, Sorokin used bottomless checks to transfer money between accounts at different banks and withdrew funds before the checks were written off.

The prosecution accuses her of using fraudulent means to pay $ 30,000 in a hotel in Soho, a fashion district in New York.

It is also stated that you hire a private plane and you never pay $ 35,000.

Private jet, worth $ 67 million worth of heritage GETTY IMAGES

One of his victims, Rachel Williams, announced for this New York Magazine that Sorokin invited her to travel with all the expenses paid to Morocco. When the fake credit card was rejected, she asked a friend to pay the bill, promised to return the money.

The excursion included renting a luxury villa with a swimming pool and a private butler for six nights. Williams never got $ 62,000 that he paid for.

"It's not a fashion show"

According to the prosecutor's office, Sorokin used fraudulent money to buy expensive design clothes, personal trainings and a luxurious lifestyle.

But his defender Todd Spodek told the jury that his party never intended to steal anything. He claims that Sorokin was just trying to buy time until he started working successfully to pay off all his debts.

Sorokin did not want to appear at the court of clothing, which she did not consider to be in accordance with their AFP standards

While the trial continues with about 25 witnesses who have not yet testified before the jury, there is a detail that attracted the attention of journalists: the high costs of the accused wardrobe, which includes luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Miu Miu.

It is said that Sorokin has his own stylist and has been reminded twice because he is late after he refused to wear the clothes he received to go to court and claimed that they did not conform to his standards.

"This is not a fashion show," one of these cases angrily said Judge Diane Kiesel when Sorokin finally came into the room. "It's the last time we play clothes."

Sorokin has been detained since 2017. If convicted, he may be sentenced to 15 years in prison. You could also deport her to Germany because her American visa expired.

His story will be transformed into a Netflix television series that will be written and produced by Shonda Rhimes, whose company has led the series. Gray anatomy and scandal.


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