4-1. Navegantes del Magallanes takes the Lara Cardinal in the seventh inning


Photo: Composition News24

(Caracas, November 18 – News24) .- Navegantes del Magallanes, coming from overcoming Leones del Caracas, they face the leading points, Cardinal Lara, at the Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez Stadium in Barquisimeto.

The first rallite round was won by a Turkish ship, with Andrés Eloy Blanco sacrificing the shot, which Ascanio pushed from the penalty area to 1-0 in 5.

Red birds equated a meeting in the sixth inning, solo shooting Valbuena at the center, with which he set the table at 1-1.

The Turkish ship continued with the lead with Delmon Young homers on the left field, which Arráeza and Rodrígueza brought home to play at 4-1 in the 7th inning.

Line Up Magellan

Arráez – 2B

White – 3B

Rodríguez – 1B

Young – DH

Gómez – RF

Mars – LF

Martínez – CF

Torrens – C

Ascanio – SS

Pine – LD

Line Up Cardinals

Vargas – 2B

De Aza – CF

Ravelo – DH

Valbuena – 1B

C. Rivero – 3B

Urrutia – RF

Castillo – LF

Querecuto – SS

Suárez – C

R. Rivero – P



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