30 personalities will be decorated with the city of Valencia


In the municipal theater of Valencia will be a solemn act. Photo file

In memory of the 464th anniversary of the establishment of the city, the Town Hall will be awarded by the City of Valence to 30 people of recognized professional and community careers, as well as two state institutions.

Julio Fuenmayor, Operation Coordinator, said that the Council of the Order was chosen by the reputable, which was included by Mayor Alejandro Marvez; Monsignor Reinaldo Del Prette Lissot, Archbishop of Valencia; Zeida de Molina, representative of the Valencia Friends Association; Ixael Navarro, President of the Municipal Council of Valencia; Richard Cox, Secretary of the Municipal Council and saints Ángel Coronel and Génesis Suárez.

He emphasized that the meeting assessed the paths of personalities or institutions that in some way contributed to the development of the city in areas such as science, sport, health, education, culture and society. your work or enrich the name of Valencia.

The first-class Valencia city will be awarded to: Esmeralda Mujica, a biologist, a member of the Latin American Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Alpza); Luis Salvador Feo La Cruz, representative of the art museum in Valencia; Miguel Castillo, worker of the mayor's office in Valencia with 20 years of service; Roberto Ferrari, President of the Magallanes Foundation; Glenis Figueroa, chairman of the voluntary dividend.

Antonio Sano Breña, a specialist in reproductive medicine, is added to this list; Saúl Soto, State Director of the National Institute of Statistics (INE); Alicia Betancourt, founder of the Carabobo University Bioanalysis School; Monsignor José Jiménez, President of Hogares CREA; Delfin Martell, musician; Carlos Miranda, musician; Almeida Barreto, dancing; Bernardino Marvez, doctor, and Alicia Seijas, educator.

In the second class, they will be decorated: Ángelo Rivas, a politician; Martha Guevara, an engineer; Huberto José Petit, first aid; José Manuel Aular, a pedagogue; Saúl Ernesto Torres, lawyer; Ricardo Graffe, journalist; Solange Moya, adviser to the Municipal Council for Children and Youth Rights.

Juan Carlos León Berastegui, director of the Valencia Friends Association; Javier Miranda, a plastic artist; Ysabel Rodríguez, business woman; Dalia Correa, professor at the University of Carabobo; Mayela Carrillo, a psychologist and human rights advocate, will receive this award.

Fuenmayor said that in addition to 30 people, special awards will also be awarded to Tierra Viva Foundation and La Guairita.

This activity is part of the events that are organized on the 464th anniversary of the city of Valencia, which starts with the grateful mass at the cathedral.

Press Release Alcaldía de Valencia


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