? This temporary tattoo printer wants a needle in the past [+Video]


November 6, 2018

Its name is a blend of the printer (printer) and ink (ink) and essentially consists of a printer that provides tattoo on the skin. Prinker allows you to design your drawing or shape it in three seconds and put it on the skin or the time it takes to walk with your device. As you can expect, these tattoos are temporary and will be removed after two days or are intensively cleaned with soap, even if they are water-resistant.

When the tattoo is printed on the skin, it can be transformed by a professional tattoo artist into a permanent tattoo, or if you do not like the design, simply change it. The gadget uses cosmetic ink for printing, and the results seem pretty good at first glance. Using these materials also prevents tattoos from causing potential allergies.

Prinker also has a mobile application where you can choose between a large number of predefined designs or you can draw your own by design and tools.

When the tattoo is selected, we simply activate the printer connected to the mobile phone, and glides on the skin. Creators say that just a little tart and printing at the level of reliability is the same as doing it on other surfaces, such as paper.

Source: Print on the skin in three seconds: this small printer wants to rediscover tattoos and say goodbye to the needles

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