Who plays Stephen Bonnet at "Outlander"? Recognize the season of 4 bad guys from the movie of your favorite childhood


Outlander The 4th season will be the premiere of Sunday, November 4, and Jamie and Claire will be back and more in love than ever before (if that's possible). But like all seasons, forces will advocate separating the couple and throwing them into danger. One such force is a devil who is more horrifying than anything we have seen on the show: a horrifying pirate, who turned to a speculator named Stephen Bonet, played by Ed Speleers.

The man behind this new Big Bad should be quite recognizable to spectators. No foreign to small screen but to the period of the pieces, Speleers first appeared in the BBC dramas Wolf Hall in Downtown Abbey, and is also a giant big screen in Breathe in Alice through the glass. But lovers of the children's fantasy book series Eragon Speleers would best remember the film adaptation of the same name in which he played as the main hero. This was his first role at the age of 17, and Spuleers freely admits that it was difficult to jump to such a demanding part. "In some respects, the fire was a baptism," he said Magazine Interview in 2016. "I had no idea how the camera was working. I did not know anything about this world."

Although in such a young age, the acceptance of such an excellent role is a great success for Speleers, he admitted Custodian that glory went up. "I have found that the whole experience is great. It's a silly cliché, but if you knew, then what I know now would play things differently, "he said. "I was pretty much annoyed and I was immersed in this world, I ran, I drank too much, I lost the attention, I did not get the parts, and the few that I was offered were shoots. I thought:" What you wanted to do it in your life, you probably will not do it anymore. "

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But Speleers managed to return, and when he might start as a hero, his new work will inspire anything other than admiration for spectators. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Outlanderthe player and the crew revealed that Bonnet would be an even more terrible enemy than Black Jack Randall in the seasons 1 and 2.

"It's hard at the top of Black Jack, but we have Bonnet," said Sam Heughan (or Jamie Fraser). "Ed Speleers is committed to hating people, so charming, so you love him, but you know later that it's really horrible things." Executive producer Maril Davis added in the same interview: "[Speleers is] He's such a nice guy in real life, but it's really dark. He's so great baddie with charm, but the danger and he's wonderful. "

So Speleers may not win over hearts Outlander fans – far from it, it sounds. But one thing is certain: you will not forget about it.


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