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Trump's comments deepen the distrust of the intelligence community


President TrumpDonald John TrumpDC Committee Rejects Trump Hotel Efforts to Reject Appeal Requiring Removing License for Drinks Based on Trump's "Character" The DC Committee rejects Trump Hotel's effort to reject a complaint that requires the removal of an alcohol license based on Trump's "character" of the Mexican Chief immigrant in the US pressures over migrants MOREThe statement that it will accept the dirt of its opponents from foreign governments in 2020 is jeopardizing already intense relations with intelligence and police communities.

Former law enforcement and intelligence officers have said that the president's words could hinder efforts to combat foreign interference in the next year's elections and to ease morale.

"People in the intelligence community will be increasingly worried that the president of the United States does not fulfill the constitutional role of the chief commander and chief executive," said Steven Cash, a former CIA and former chief adviser. Sen. Dianne FeinsteinDianne Emiel FeinsteinUS women's soccer team reignites equal pay push US women's football team reignites equal pay trip Bipartite senators push new account to improve foreign lobby disclosure MORE t (D-California)

The comments take place in an uncertain time for the intelligence community, which is already the subject of an investigation launched by Trump in the origin of the Russian investigation.

Trump authorized the Ministry of Justice to conduct talks with the CIA officials involved in the investigation – a decision to disclose intelligence officials. And he approached the state prosecutor William BarrDemocrats to vote on disregard: "Republicans will remember" Hill's Morning Report – Trump and House Democrats continue the battle authorization to disclose information relating to the investigation.

The investigation is part of a long pattern in which Trump was wondering whether the intelligence community can be trusted. He has repeatedly accused him of spying on him during the campaign in 2016.

Trumpets suspected of the intelligence community also appear broad-based. This week, he committed not to use CIA informers against the leader of North Korea Kim Jong UnKim Jong UnTrump does not seem to use CIA informers against Kim Jong Un Trump seems not to use CIA informers against Kim Jong Un Why the US must conclude an appropriate contract with North Korea, a remark that he later went back.

Trump allies say that his attitude to foreign interference is rooted in the deep sensitivity of the idea that he won in 2016 because of the Russian interference and that his victory was not legitimate.

"That encouraged him," said one of the sources close to the White House and demanded anonymity to discuss Trump's reflection. "It links this wrong idea that denies it was elected because of it. It seems that this is what makes it defense against things in Russia. "

Trump also does not want to admit the blame and said that he would call the FBI if he offered harmful information about a competitor, which would mean a silent release that his campaign should have done when it received the dirt offer. Hillary ClintonFounder Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Young Turks says the Democrats should not repeat themselves in 2016 and choose a progressive founder for young Turks. Democrats are expected to avoid repeating in 2016 and chose a progressive Trump warning that Clinton beat him with double figures from the figures related to the Russian government in 2016.

"That's what you get when you have a president who is unfiltered and gives you what he thinks," the source said near the White House.

In an interview with ABC News, the president thundered when he said that the acceptance of opposition research by the foreign government was not an "interference" and that "I think that I would accept it".

Trump declined to contact the FBI to declare a foreign player who provided the information and said that FBI Director Christopher Wray was "wrong" because he testified in the Senate that the campaign should contact the the Presidency, if the foreign government submits the offer "on the impact or influence or interference in our elections. "

The FBI refused to comment on Trump's comments to Stephanopoulos.

Democrats and Republicans criticized Trump's remarks. The president of the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) even issued a rare statement stating that "it is illegal for any person to require a foreign citizen to accept or accept any value in relation to elections in the United States."

"This is not a new concept," said FEC President Ellen Weintraub.

In an interview Friday, Trump sought to control the damage that Fox & Friends said he would "turn" to the FBI or the General State Attorney if a foreign government offered dirt to a political opponent, but that it should have looked at him first "find out if it's bad".

While officials at the White House advocated Trump insisting that there were more shades in his first remarks, intelligence officials claimed that it was important to be unequivocal because foreign opponents could show Trump's rhetoric.

Special advisor Robert MuellerRobert (Bob) Swan MuellerKamala Harris says her justice department would have "no choice", but for the prosecution of Trump for a barrier, Kamala Harris says her justice department would have "no choice" but to persecute Trump for obstruction.The report states that WikiLeaks began issuing e-mails from the Democratic National Committee, which were taken away by the Russian hackers in July 2016, about when Trump said at a press conference: "Russia, if you listen, I hope you will find 30,000 e Missing messages that are missing. "The report also notes that the Trump Campaign" welcomed "the potential damage caused by Clinton's campaign due to WikiLeaks publications.

Mueller said in his report that he thought that Donald Trump, the younger and other participants in the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, would have been accused of violating campaign funding, but ultimately opposed it because of the heavy burden of proof that the participants wanted violate the law. .

Mueller also did not find sufficient evidence to accuse members of the campaign of conspiracy with Russia in order to interfere in the election – a result that Trump impressed when it confirmed him on the accusations of "agreement."

National security experts nevertheless found that the findings were worrying about Trump's attitude to foreign participation in the elections.

"Mueller's report has clearly shown that it has no problems receiving assistance from inappropriately and possibly illegal places," said John Sipher, a retired CIA secret service employee. "In the end it is very sad to see your political opponents not as Americans in the same team, but as enemies that need to be destroyed in any way. At best he is a patriotic and foreign actor who does not have our interests, he gives a lot of power. «

After the election in 2016, the FBI as the first priority defined the fight against the disturbance of foreign elections. The Presidency even set up a new working group in 2017 to "recognize and prevent malignant foreign operations directed towards the United States".

The powder is the latest in a long history of disputes between the presidential intelligence service and law enforcement agencies that date back to 2016.

Trump has repeatedly questioned the intelligence community's assessment of the Russian interference, which perhaps most closely resembled Russian President Putin at intelligence officials at the Helsinki Summit in July last year. Trump later accepted his comments.

Trump also participated in a sustained assault on current and former FBI and justice officials throughout Mueller's investigation, claiming that his campaign was inappropriately "reconsidered" in 2016.

These tensions have disappeared in routine political debates. In January, he accused his intelligence chiefs of being "passive and naive" after opposed his assessment of Iran's nuclear development.

"Maybe the intelligence service should go back to school!" He wrote on Twitter.

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