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Trump ordered the officials to provide Jared Kushner with a security clearance


He later made several changes to this part of his role, known as SF86. At that time, his assistants insisted he unintentionally dropped those meetings.

Mr Kushner initially operated with a temporary approval, as his background check continued.

In the personal file entry g. Kushner On September 15, 2017, Head of Personnel Security, Carl Kline, wrote: "In conversation with WH Counsel, the confirmation was changed to a temporary Top Secret until we confirm that the DOJ or anyone else is actually granted a final confirmation. This action is too cautious, because the background investigation has not been completed. "

In a statement for The Times, when Mr. Kushner received a certificate last year, Mr. Lowell said that "his request is properly submitted, reviewed by numerous career officials and subjected to a normal process."

During the inspection of the security clearance in February 2018 initiated by the dispute concerning Rob Porter, then the secretaries of staff at the White House, accused of domestic abuse, were Mr. confidential information. That's when Mr. Kelly wrote a five-page letter in which he suspended the temporary licenses that were available from 1 June 2017.

This has affected Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump, who told their friends and counselors that they believe that Mr. Kelly and Mr.

Mr Kushner and Mrs Trump have complained to the President of the situation, the current and former officials said. In the case of Mr Kushner, Mr. Trump often turned to other assistants and expressed his dissatisfaction: "Why is not this done?" Said a former official of the administration. At least once, the President asked another senior official if a person could solve this issue. This official said no, according to this account.

Mr Kelly did not believe that it would be appropriate to override the security clearance procedure and to abolish or avoid processing Mr's requests. Kushner, said the former administration official. Mr Kelly did not respond to a request for comment.

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