Tomorrow is at the top 25 Today: Texas among the teams that appeared on the football pitch


It was not nice, but Texas had some Saturday, which opened the opportunity to compete in the big 12th championship. After defeating Iowa State 24-10, Longhorns are set to step up and could break the top 10 in the new AP Top 25 College Football Rankings.

Initial defender Sam Ehlinger was injured in the game, but Shane Buechele managed to maintain his bet in the second half, and Longhorns won in only a few games among the ranked teams in the 12th week. Former Iowa State eliminated Cyclone from the Big 12 Big Game Competition and set up a win-and-you-and-scenario when Texas competes in Kansas next week in the regular season finale.

As a three-time team, it's hard to say that the 2018 season proved Texas is "back". Winning against Oklahoma in the Red River Showdown and the chance to reach the hit in the Big 12 title when the Dallas Conference on December 1 is a major advance for Tom Herman, but these are still building on the road to claiming the championship expectation, not celebration.

The loss of the West Virginia State of Oklahoma opened the door to Texas and it is possible that the result between the two teams would not be a decisive factor when the classification of mountaineers will be adjusted on Sunday morning. The distribution of these two big 12 teams is one of the biggest issues for AP voters, along with Cincinnati's fall after losing UCF, and whether the army will break the 25 best.

So we think that the new AP Top 25 will look like on Sunday:

1. Alabama (last week – 1): The only question will be if Tide remains unanimous no. 1 given the slow start against Citadel and 10-10 halftime in 50-17 victories.

2. Clemson (2): For a team with so many explosives in skill levels, Clemson's most reliable asset remains defense. Duke made a lot of effort to pause the early game of the Tigers, but he never saw the opportunity to do anything against the attacker Clemson, who proved to be the best in the country.

3. Notre Dame (3): All about the victory of 36-3 seemed to be the primary caliber of Irish.

4. Michigan (4): There are reasons to be concerned about the level of redistribution of income in the red zone, but the survival for winning is good enough to set the next week's situation in which you won-and-si in the state of Ohio.

5. Georgia (5): It's hard to imagine that for the voters from the bulldogs 66-27 will win against UMass.

6. Oklahoma (6): There are many critics who point to the victory of Sooners 55-40 against Kansas as a reason to doubt Oklahoma's Olympic victories, but there should be no major adjustments in the elections.

7. State of Washington (8): Cougars are currently in action against Arizona.

8. Country Ohio (9): No team did 10-1 to look as hard as the Ohio State, which within a matter of weeks was not completely synchronized or dominant, but remains in the middle of a national championship race with a victory next week at Big Ten East Michigan. The 52-51 overtime victory in Maryland will not be inspired by any major shifts in the AP Top 25, but this does not change the opportunity that is next Saturday.

9. LSU (10): Do not expect tone changes for the LSU after a routine win against Rica.

10. UCF (11): You can only play the timetable you got, and the knights have switched to its distribution and AAC East has reached the second year after Cincinnati surrendered to the second loss of the season. The biggest impression the voters will take away from the UCF's national stage is a greater focus on the defensive front, which prevailed overnight against Bearcatsu.

11. Texas (13): The level of respect for the State of Iowa should anchor an increase in the rankings for Tom Herman Longhorns, who were a better team throughout the night in the potential trap of the Cyclones game.

12. West Virginia (7): Like Texas, West Virginia also reached its highest point in Stillwater, Oklahoma. And just like in Texas, it will fall from the first 10 after losing in the hands of Cowboys.

13. Syracuse (12): Voters must take into account the damage to Eric Dungey in the Orange classification, but notwithstanding the fact that he would have to run into the result against Notre Dame, he must limit how far Syracuse loses to unrequited Irish after 36-3.

14. Utah State (14): Those who encourage the beatings of the state of Utah did not get much ammunition for the argument with the victory of Aggies, which was more approximate than expected against the Colorado state.

15. Florida (15): Gators never left any doubt against Idaho, closing their home schedule with one of the best offensive teams, since leaving Tim Tebow to win 63-10.

16. Penn State (16): 20-7 victory in Rutgers will not prepare the eyes of any voters, so do not expect any major moves on the scale.

17. Washington (17): The Seattle age was a rather routine, unilateral winner against former Huskies coordinator Jonathan Smith and the Oregon State, allowing Washington to reimburse its Pac-12 winners if they lose the Washington state next week in Pullman.

18. Utah (21): This is another impressive victory with Utah to back up into an aggressive backfield and drive a hard-hitting defensive to hold on in the Pac-12 race. Nobody has less conference loss than the Utes in Pac-12 South, so now it will just come to the theses and a week's action elsewhere, while Utah prepares to fight the World War against BYU.

19. Kentucky (20): Voters should no longer punish Kentucky for a close win against Central Tennessee, as Blue Raiders is one of the best teams in the US team. However, it is possible that a narrow victory opened the door to other teams who lost their tricks to jump Wildcats into the piano order.

20. Boise State (23): A contest in New Mexico on Friday evening sets the winning-all-games against Utah State next week to decide the West Division winner on the Mountain West.

21. Northwest (24): There is no announcement for the north-west, even after Big Ten West got together and for the first time launched the program Big Ten in the title game. Wildcats led from start to finish in Minnesota, which held for victory 24-14.

22. Country of Mississippi (25): For the second time, Bulldogs earned their offensive rhythm in the last month, winning the Arkansas 52-6 victory.

23. Army (NR): Last week, Black Knights were the first group among those who received votes outside the top 25. Another win, even against FCS Colgate, and this record should be enough to get them on enough ballots to reach the rankings this week.

24. State of Iowa (18): Will the cyclones lose their rank on the fourth? We saw minor adjustments after losing to higher seasons; in any case, the Iowa State would only be the third group with four losses in AP Top 25 this year if it will be worn.

25. Pittsburgh (NR): The ACC Coastal victory could have been sufficiently titled to allow voters to increase Pitta from Fresno State, UAB and the NC country. The Panthers also won against Syracuse and Virginii, who in six matches in five victories, losing five points to Notre Dame.

Predicted for cancellation: Cincinnati (19), Boston College (22)


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