There are 2 complete brackets in the world. We are monitoring them all day.


Through 40 of the 63 NCAA 2019 games, there are two full brains between all the major online games: "center road" on our Challenge Challenge game and "Court Stormers" on Yahoo.

This is now the longest series of correct selection brackets we've ever seen, which surpassed our previous record of 39 games that took place in 2017 (explaining why we are so confident in this number below).

This is already the fourth year we've been tracking tens of millions of armor from the largest online advertising games across the country, including our A game for bumps, ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, Fox and Sports Illustrated, to see when the last complete carrier will be. Or, if you know if someone gets the first ever verifiable full bracket. We count on the first.

The first three days had their share of agitation, but these two brackets announced each of them.

The reference is the probability of the forecast on which side of the coin consign 40 times in a row, 1 in 1.099.511.627.776.

We'll be back on Sunday at 12:10, ET when Iowa confronts Tennessee in the 41st game of the tournament. Both brackets get volunteers. Below you can read game updates after the game and follow here on a Sunday to live through two seamless brackets:

Complete NCAA tracker tracker


Write: Of the tens of millions of brackets inscribed on online games, the two remained perfect through 40 games. Prior to the year, there were 39 best games in a row. Both complete brackets have the same three choices for the beginning of the week: Tennessee, UNC and Duke. The first game they disagree with is a quarter of a day: Buffalo vs. Texas Tech. Will they survive this far? We'll follow them closely to see.

  • 12:01: Auburn could not miss out on Kansas, but one of the three remaining brackets missed this choice. And this concludes 3rd day of the tournament. There are two complete brackets left.
  • 10:40: Purdue defeated the defending champions in Villanova who knocked out another player from the group. But the three full brackets that remain are bound by our recorded record of 39 games in a row. Two of these three have Auburn, one has Kansas. So we'll see at least one of those three spend the night.
  • 22:05: We can say that we will have at least one carrier that will reach 40 correct choices and stay perfect until tomorrow. Purdue leads Villanova for 30 points in the second half. Three of the last four brackets have Boilermakers. Among them, two chose Auburn in the last race of the day, and one of them chose Kansas.
  • 22:02: The 2-seeds of the Michigan State did not have any problems with the 10-seater Minnesota, and the other agreed on all four brackets. So we still have four complete brackets through 38 games. This is the one that does not connect the longest line that we have ever seen.
  • 21:26: Gonzaga crossed the 9th Baylor, and the result was all the complete brackets. I'm still sitting on four full brackets, and now through 37 games.
  • 20:09: The two brackets rightly chose 35 games before they mistakenly announced Murray State for 12 seeds to beat the Florida state with 4 seeds. This leaves us with four full brackets in 36 games. Now, we're starting to record.
  • 19:27: All six remaining brackets chose Michael with two fairs to beat the 10-seminal Florida, and all six were right. Thereafter, there is no change in the total value.
  • 17:08: Fletcher Magee did not do any 3-pointer, as Wofford came to Kentucky. Only one of the remaining brackets had terriers, so we now have up to six complete brackets.
  • 14:30: The first round in the second round again reduced the number of our complete brackets, as the 3-point LSU defeated the 6-seminal Maryland with a back-shot, 69-67. We only have seven now.
    • ESPN: 3
    • Yahoo: 2
    • BCG: 1
    • CBS: 1


Write: The 2019 tournament started with ten million brackets. After the first day we had about 60,000 complete brackets. Now, with two days and 32 games, there were only 16 complete brackets left in all the main games in brackets. Saturday also sees eight matches and an opportunity for some of these 16 brackets to set a record of 40 rightly chosen ones. We will let you know about the progress of everyone. In the first match on Saturday, we see 6-seminary Maryland and 3-semiconductor LSU at half-day, ET. Then we'll see you.

  • 12:33: 4-seed Virginia Tech had a 13-seminary St. Louis with long arms. This has raised two of our 18 brackets, so we sit on a total of 16 in the second round:
    • ESPN: 10
    • Yahoo: 3
    • BCG: 2
    • CBS: 1
    • Sports Illustrated: 0
    • Fox: 0
  • 23:59: The 9-seed UCF did not have any problems with the 8-seeds VCU and the 11-seminal Ohio State excited 6-seeds Iowa State. These games were fairly evenly distributed between our complete brackets. After 31 games we achieved only 18 complete brackets.
    • ESPN: 10
    • Yahoo: 4
    • CBS: 2
    • BCG: 2
    • Sports Illustrated: 0
    • Fox: 0
  • 11:22: In the first half, the UNC dragged against the Iona with 16 seeds, but it gathered a great deal. Surprisingly, one of the 66 brackets that chose the first 28 games also had the Iono who won the race. So we have up to 65 complete brackets.
  • 22:05: Among all major online games, 66 complete brackets are available.
    • ESPN: 48
    • Yahoo: 8
    • CBS: 6
    • BCG: 4
    • SI: 0
    • Fox: 0
  • 21:56: With 28 games under our belt, we can safely say that there are fewer than 100 complete brackets among major online games. Currently we have our Bracket Challenge game 4, ESPN has 48, Yahoo has 8, Sports Illustrated and Fox have 0. CBS has not posted or updated its leader position from the 24-game code (four years ago), we know that they have at least some more complete brackets. So realistic we look at somewhere between 60 and 70 complete brackets. Four matches left tonight.
  • 21:48: Liberty took his first victory at the NCAA Tournament (third round 12-5 of the tournament), and we have 100 complete brackets.
  • 21:14: Zion Williamson debuted at the NCAA tournament when Duke dominated North Dakota. Houston also dealt with the 14-nation-state of Georgia, 84-55. It is not surprising that none of these games had much effect on the total number of complete brackets. We are still looking for a few hundred games.
  • 21:06: Yahoo is leading in a scale of up to 25 games and only 36 of 3 million brackets are still perfect.
  • 21:00: The 9-seater Washington has exterminated the state of Utah 78-61, which almost reduced our complete brackets in half. We are now down to 0.001%.
  • 19:11: ESPN also decreased to only 0.002 percent through 24 games. Fox Sports has only two, and Sports Illustrated has been exploited. We probably will not know the sums for CBS and Yahoo until they're under 50 years old.
  • 18:43: In the second half of the year, the 12-year-old Oregon dominated the 5-seater Wisconsin. The number of complete armor is now really small. At this point we only have 0.002 percent.
  • 18:30: Buffalo retained the 11-seater state of Arizona, raising us slightly to just 0.005 percent through 23 games. ESPN has communicated its first day numbers and to 0.01 percent. We're getting closer, people.
  • 17:11: Virginia took its first victory against 16 seeds since 2016 when she returned to Gardner Webb. Only a few of our complete brackets did not choose Cavaliers. We are still 0.008 percent through 22 games.
  • 4:58 PM: Tennessee put off a 15-seater Colgate who picked up only a few brackets at the top of our corps. We are still 0.008 percent over 21 games.
  • 16:10: The 13-seed UC Irvine has pulled the biggest upsurge of the tournament so far, destroying the 4-seater federal state of Kansas. This actually made the number in full brackets. We achieved only 0.008 percent of our million brackets.
  • 15:40: Texas Tech took care of North Kentucky Norse and the needle barely moved. In our brackets it is still 0.08 percent.
  • 14:41: The 9-seed Oklahoma has choked the 8-seed Ole Miss 95-72, so with 18.07 degrees it's still complete through 18 games.
  • 14:29: The first game on Friday – the victory in Iowa for the victory over Cincinnati – reduced our group of perfect brackets in half, and after 17 games we fell to only 0.13 percent.
  • 12:19: Yahoo's first report is: Only 0.2 percent in the brackets he spent the first round. This is about 7,000 complete brackets on Yahoo.
  • 9:40: ESPN reports that it is right 0.25 percent brackets remain perfect in their game after the first round of the action.


Write: The first NCAA tournament in 2019 – the 10-seater Minnesota victory over the 7-seater Louisville – reduced the total number of complete brackets from 100 to 31 percent. And the number is parachute. Winning Murray Statea with 12 seeds over the 5-seater Marquette ranged from 12.8 percent to 4.9 percent, and the 7-seater Wofford's victory over the 10-seater Seton Hall for the first time dropped below 1 percent. In the end, through the first 16 matches of the tournament we ended up with just 0.26 percent of our million brackets, which remained complete. The main group of Sports Illustrated holders had just 23 complete brackets, ESPN was somewhere below 2 percent, and Yahoo and CBS did not report any numbers. We'll get a much better idea of ​​the total number when we get some more games under our belt today on day 2. Stay with us.

  • 12:12: Purdue defeated Old Dominion in the last night, leaving us with 0.26 percent.
  • 12:01: Michigan ran through Montana, Baylor sucked Syracuse, which remained without complete brackets only 0.27 percent.
  • 23:53: Wofford saw that Fletcher Magee became the leading player of the Division I at three points when they took Seton Hall and saw the total number of complete brackets that fell below 1 percent this year for the first time. Only 0.77 percent of our brackets are still complete through 13 games.
  • 9:42 PM: Villanova survived the fear of Mary Saint Mary, but this was not surprising for our complete armored unit, which is 2.35 percent.
  • 9:38: Reporting ESPN that is up to 2.3% complete brackets that remain in 10 games. This does not include the result of Gonzaga-Fairleigh Dickinson, but we can assume that the needle has not moved much.
  • 21:30: Gonzaga was blowing the past 16 seeds of Fairleigh Dickinson, and our brackets barely notice. We sat at 2.85 percent through 11 games.
  • 21:14: Kentucky took Abilene Christian, while Florida withdrew from the late Nevada. While BCG users were quite convinced in Kentucky, the Florida-Nevada game was fairly evenly distributed. As a result, we are only 2.86 percent of our brackets, which are still perfect.
  • 20:44: The first ESPN report is in, and they are right 5% complete brackets that left the first eight games.
  • 18:56: I Morant and Murray State have withdrawn from an annual excitement of 12-5, and the perfect pool has fallen to just 4.9% through eight games.
  • 18:24: Kansas did not have any problems with the northeast, but the result had little effect. Throughout the seven games, there are still 12.8 percent of parentheses.
  • 17:48: Belmont was selected to win 28 percent of all brackets – more than all 11 seeds except Ohio. Bruins even had a ball with the possibility of winning at the end of the game, but they came short. This reduced our total count to 13.5 percent.
  • 17:23: Michigan State saw the flash in 2016 – when the 2-Spartan Spartans lost to the 15-seater Middle-Tennessee – against 15-carriers Bradley, but managed to win. It has barely moved the dial in our many complete brackets, which now stands at 18.6 percent.
  • 16:25: The State of Florida took Vermont and took our total percentage of total brackets to 18.9 percent in the first four matches.
  • 15:55: Auburn barely survived the uprooted 12-seater state of New Mexico, but 5 percent of our brackets still lost their perfect status. This brings us to 20.7 percent of all BCG brackets that remain perfect.
  • 2:50 PM: Only the first two games of the tournament, where the 10-semen Minnesota and the 3-seeds of the LSU won, nearly tripled our entire brackets. Only 25.6 percent of the brains remain perfect in our Bracket Challenge game. We will not be able to closely monitor other important games until we reach a small number, but we will constantly review and update this post.


By 2017, it was the longest full line of brackets we followed, 36, according to Yahoo! Sports. In 2014, Brad Binder went 36-for-36 to start the tournament.

In 2016 there were the longest 25 matches to start the tournament. This is well below the (and checked) best tournament for 2015, when one person in the online game ESPN correctly selected 34 games, according to the story of ESPN's senior writer Darren Rovella. ESPN said in 2016 that its range in 2015 was the best start of the tournament, recorded in 18 years of the game. Yahoo! Sports last year reported that Binder's bearer was the only time he had the perfect carrier in the second round in his 18 years of hosting. In 2017, Yahoo! 37 complete rounds of the first round reported.

So 39 is the record we went with a year ago. With more than three decades of online and paper brackets, which can be flown – the current form has been in existence since 1985 – and every year it is estimated that somewhere between about 60 million to 100 million brackets. . Determination of the official record is even more difficult due to the fact that online games have only recently begun to integrate record keeping.

We can not find any checkered brackets that would be complete in Sweet 16 (over 48 games). There was a widespread example of a brace that was complete through two rounds in 2010, but it was not possible to verify the authenticity of the brackets. It was entered into an online game where the pickups between the circles were changed after Deadspin's report at that time.

2018: The previous season did not last even the first round, as the UMBC with 16-year-old historical enthusiasm over Virginia's top seed destroyed every class that managed to stay perfect through the first 28 games of the tournament. Before this game, there were 25 brackets that were still perfect, but everyone chose Virginia to beat the UMBC.

2017: At the 2017 tournament, he was the longest perfect carrier ever seen, which lasted 39 games before he got the wrong choice. This bracket was the only one in ten million brackets we found to break through 37 games that were undamaged, but when the 5-seminal Iowa State lost in the 4-seminal Purdue 80-76 in the 40th game of the tournament , it was her perfect ride over.

2016: Three years ago, it was the shortest ride we had seen since we started to follow when the last complete bracket lasted only 25 correct choices before the 7-seminal Wisconsin caught the 10-semester Pittsburgh in the first round.

How Much Is It?

So, what are the options for a perfect armor? Well, the popular answer is 1 in 9.2 quintillions, the number is so immense that it is practically impossible to fully understand it. But it's assuming you have 50-50 odds to get each game properly, which is obviously not the case.

Over the past eight years, we have seen that bracket Challenge users get about two-thirds of all choices. Using this percentage, we calculated the probability that the average user will achieve a total bracketing of 1 to 120.2 billion. It's not as funny as 1 in 9.2 quintillons but still very small options. If you complete a unique enclosure each second every day, you would need 3.813 years to complete 120.2 billion brackets.

Nevertheless, this year is such a good opportunity to see the first complete carrier. Stay with us to see if this happens.


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