The unusual sun storm is supposed to push north to south this weekend


Star viewers in the cities of the south, such as New York and Chicago, may rarely look at the northern lights this weekend due to unusual geomagnetic storms.

The weather forecast center issued a geomagnetic storm on Wednesday when it detected a small solar eruption, a high energy burst triggered by a sunspot followed by an ejection of the coronal mass.

When the CME hits the Earth, all those particles that collide with the Earth's magnetic field can increase the size and intensity of the aurora, also known as northern and southern lights.

As a result ,. T Northern Lights, which are usually visible only in places like Alaska, Norway or Iceland, will be visible from lower latitudes, including New York, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and the state of Washington.

The sky will have to be clear to see a spectacular spectacle. Experts recommend that you move as far away from towns and cities as pollution can hinder your view.

Scientists are not sure when the CME will reach the Earth. For updates, visit the NOAA space forecasting center.


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