Saturday , July 24 2021

Tesla Model 3 test drives in Shenzhen stopped when the customer crashed the first unit

Tesla has decided to eliminate the perception that electric cars are slow, boring vehicles that are nothing special than the magnificent golf carts. The company achieved its goal with the original Tesla Roadster, Model S, Model X and now with the model 3. While Tesla's electric cars turned out to be fast, there is one particular fact that is usually overlooked – a responsible and qualified driver is needed , which manages the power provided by the company's vehicles.

This issue has recently been highlighted in Shenzhen, China. Tesla is expected to begin delivering the model 3 in the Asian country and help prepare reservists and potential customers for the arrival of the limousine; the manufacturer of electric cars started with a test drive for the vehicle. As planned by Elon Musk for the United States, the test drive units originally shipped to China, the 3 Performance model, were the top-of-the-line variant of electric sedan, which is known for being very fast, either in acceleration with straight lines or around the track. Unfortunately, one test driver in Shenzhen, China, proved unprepared for the power of the model 3.

As Tesla shared the owner-enthusiast JayinShanghai On Twitter, the test driver Model 3 fell to an electric sedan. A picture of the vehicle, as well as a short cutout of an electric car after an accident, showed great damage on the front of the car. While Tesla did not disclose the special features of the incident, the damage caused by the operation of the model 3 suggests that the vehicle may have fallen into a drug.

Due to an accident, the test drive in the 3 model in Shenzen was immediately stopped, at least until it was possible to send another test section to the area. Luckily, waiting for another Model 3 model was short. As Tesla lovers share Kelvin Yang Twitter reported reports that another model 3 capability was sent to Shenzen as a replacement for the disintegrating test unit. Unlike the red limousine that was damaged due to an accident, the new Shenzen model for the test drive Model 3 Performance is black and is equipped with 19-volt sports wheels.

It seems that Tesla did not lose even one advantage, as he said he began to hold test drive meetings in the new vehicle. In a later update, Yang warned that the new Model 3 model car was already fully booked, with interested parties waiting on average for more than two hours.

Tesla's quick response to the damaged test drive unit of the Model 3 in Shenzhen is impressive. Given that supplies in the country are only starting, the company has shown considerable know-how with its logistics, so that immediately after the first collision of the vehicle, a second test unit was sent to the city. This, if at all, is good for the upcoming supply of the model 3 in the region.

Unlike the Tesla Model S P100D and the X P100D, the performance of the 3 model is not equipped with a dedicated feature that optimizes it for straight line acceleration. The best version of the model 3 uses the crude power of its dual electric motors that produce a combined 450 hp and 471 lb-ft of torque. The 3 Performance model lives up to its nickname, with a time of 0-60 mph 3.3 seconds, the highest speed of 155 km / h and a range of 310 miles per filling. The car is also equipped with the Track Mode feature that optimizes the vehicle for an intense ride around the racetrack.

See the video below to see the consequences of the fall of the test drive unit of the 3 model in Shenzhen.

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