Stephen Colbert got "Hot Dog Sandwich?", Led by Sonia Sotomayor – Rolling Stone


After Stephen Colbert pumped iron with Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the beginning of the year, Late playback the host returned to Washington, D.C., to spend some quality time with Supreme Court judge Sonie Sotomayor.

"I developed from RBG, I can throw a lot of steel, so I was thrilled when the second Supreme Court judge – this time, Sonia Sotomayor – agreed with me," Colbert said on Friday Late playback. "He has an incredible life story that he talks in two new children's books."

Kolbert and Sotomayor's conversation in the congress library – the host guest was not allowed to film a movie inside the building of the Supreme Court – from children's books to the "hot past" at the Supreme Court to one of the crimes committed by Sotomayor in her life: Theft of a quarter from a pay phone.

"Lucky is a statute of limitations," Sotomayor said. "It is likely that most citizens who have exceeded the speed limit at a certain point in their driving lives. This is also a crime."

As one of the judges in key legal issues in America, Sotomayor is invited to consider a few questions, including whether "all dogs go to heaven" if it's okay to penny if you never leave a penny and if microwave fish are allowed. Colbert also learned that Sotomayor does not know Ghostbusters.

The host also posed the same question that Ginsburg previously knew: "Is the hot dog sandwich?"

"My definition of sandwich is something between two parts of bread or two slices of bread, and this definition can be a hot dog, because if the bread is tied or not, it's irrelevant. That's why I replied with that definition," Sotomayor said. "By the way, I love pets."


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