SNL deals with the immigration crisis and needles have recently been arrested by Alec Baldwin


"Saturday Night Live" dealt with immigration and Mexican caravans on the last show before the mid-term elections. They also took a shot at Alec Baldwin, a recently arrested actor who plays Donald Trump for the show.

The cold opened us in Fox News's "The Ingraham's Angle" episode, which Kate McKinnon served as Conservative Receptionist for Laura Ingraham. Of course, she was totally panicky through the approaching Honduran immigrants' approaching caravan to Mexico. The main caravan is still on the border for weeks, but this did not stop the guests – Cecily Strong, like Jeanine Pirro and Kenan Thompson, like David Clarke – to join him warning the spectators.

"Absolute disgrace," said Pirro, who Ingraham replied, "What is it?"

"Whatever you are talking about," said Strong Pirro.

Pirro also presented two videos claiming that they were caravans when in reality the crazy black Friday buyers and zombies sneaked at the Brad Pitt film "World War Z." .

"We believe it's actually dating from the caravan, which people label the" Bradavan "label," Pirro said.

Ingraham also spoke of sending troops to the border ("The goal is to have five soldiers for everyone without a shoe-free") and must sign up with Clarke, former Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

"Immigrants are 800 miles from the border," he warned. "If these immigrants are driving at a speed of 300 miles a day, then they can vote for the election day."

In a non-veiled shot, Trump said, "We've also learned that in the caravan every woman is nine months pregnant and exactly at that point," said Trump in his promise to abolish early birth citizenship.

McKinnon Ingraham pulled up the show by giving him three tips:

Tip 1: Never vote on Tuesday.
Tip 2: Polls may be confusing (so stay at home).
Tip 3: You've voted, you can forget, but you did it.

At the concert, they also made a speech to Baldwin who was arrested on Friday because he allegedly pierced a man after being questioned at a parking lot in Manhattan. Baldwin Trump has played on "SNL" for the past few seasons. So far he has appeared in an episode this season.

Ingraham saw this as a shameful actor, Alec Baldwin, who was distracted by a scandal "and showed Baldwin's picture of a notorious" SNL "sketch," Canteen Boy, "where Adam Sandler was in February 1994.


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