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Rob Kardashian blocks the dreams to appear on Blac Chyna's Reality Show


Rob Kardashian

You are dreaming of Blaca Chyno

If you think Dream is moving to your show

6/15/2015 1:00 PM PDT


Rob Kardashianhe swung his two-year-old daughter into a big TV star … or at least make sure it does not happen. Blac Chynanew reality show.

Rob's lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, he dismissed the horrifying letter from Chyn, who told her daughter two years ago Dream, DO NOT HAVE to appear on her show, "The Real Blac Chyna," without Rob's consent, and will NOT give consent.

As we reported, Rob and Chyna divide 50/50 joint custodyand Singer says that it can not be a mom with which Dream Camera could convert a television camera to Dream without a slave.

According to the statements Letter, Chyna sent Rob a look that Dream appears in the series, and will not sign.

We are told that Rob has several reasons for retaining consent. He saw all the drama with Chyno … last, he got into a crazy fight with her a former hairdresser while the dream was in the house and explosive battle with my mom. We are told that Rob thinks that her life is too vigorous and that the reality show will only worsen the situation.

In addition, Rob had his experience with reality shows and most of the experience was not good. He does not want his daughter to be subjected to long hours, lights and drama.

The letter ends with a threat to the network that broadcasts … "If the Zeus Network continues to issue episodes of the series or related materials that contain the image of dreams, it will act at its own risk and expose itself to important responsibilities."

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