Rep. According to Mueller's findings, "Allegation is not dead"


Representative Al Green, the Democrats from Texas, who forced President Trump every year to warn President Trump that he is the supreme commander, said on Sunday that "the charge did not die" despite the findings of the probe by Robert Mueller, special adviser Trump. the campaign did not cooperate with Russia.

The Congressman tweeted that Mueller's report, which was submitted on Friday, and the key findings that were published on Sunday, "did NOT investigate the fanaticism that emerged from the Presidency and harmed our country."

He continued: "The findings DO NOT deny the president's fanaticism. As long as intolerance affects the president's policies, I will continue to look for his accusation. #ImpeachmentIsNotDead."


The Green Opinion reiterated what Neil Cavutu told "Your world with Neil Cavut" earlier this month that "fanaticism was accused".

During the conversation, Democrats said he intends to force them to vote against Trump, despite the lack of support from President Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

"It is not a person, it is a concept of" the government of people, people, people "and the idea of ​​having democracy. In this democracy, our constitution recognizes this right to indict everyone on our soil," said Green .

The first day of the new congress this year is Green and Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., Brought charges against the president. In 2017 and 2018, they also sued for the charge, which was not helpful.

SCHIFF says there are still "important evidence of a collision" that plans to appear in the MUELLER report

The key findings of Mueller's report were announced on Sunday by Attorney General William Barr, who wrote a four-part summary of the "main conclusions" of the report.

Barr says that the special advisory service "did not find that the Trump or anyone involved in the campaign was conspiring or coordinated" with the Russians who worked on such efforts in the hope of defeating the presidential elections 2016 despite repeated the offer of individuals associated with Russia. to help with the Trump campaign. "


Almost two years of ongoing investigation "did not come to an end" on whether Trump obstructed justice, but handed responsibility for determining "whether the conduct described in the report is a criminal offense" to the State Prosecutor's Office.

Barr wrote: "The Special Adviser states that" although this report does not conclude that the President has committed a criminal offense, he is not relieved of it ".

Fox News "Victor Garcia contributed to this report.


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