Pokemon Go March Community Day: Time, Shiny Treecko, special moves and more


Celebrating Pokemon Go's memory is still underway, but this is not the only event in a popular mobile game this weekend. Before the arrival of Giratina next week, Niantic will host another Pokemon Go community day. The event is taking place around the world today, March 23, and gives players everywhere another chance to catch a rare Pokemon – including the new Shiny – and make use of some generous bonuses.

As usual, the March Day of the Community will take place for three hours, during which you will be able to find an increased spawn of a particular Pokemon. This time, Niantic does things a bit different for the event schedule. To help you prepare, we've rounded off all you need to know about the March community day below, from when it starts in every region to what Pokemon showed and bonuses this month.

What is Pokemon?

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Every day of the community, Niantic indicates a "featured" Pokemon that will appear more often in the wild than usual. Not only that, but players usually also have the opportunity to meet the Pokemon Shiny form on the day of the community, and Pokemon will be able to make a special move if it develops until the end of the event.

For this month, Community Day, Pokemon is Treecko, Grass-type starter from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Through the event, Treecko will be much easier to find in the wild, and you will have your first chance to catch the Shiny Treecko during the event hours. In addition, if you can develop Treecka into its final form, Sceptila, up to one hour after the end of the day, the Pokemon will automatically know the powerful attacking attack of Frenzy Plant.

When does it start?

To date, every day of the community has been held over a specific time period, which would vary according to your region; For example, in North America, for example, the event will always run from 11 am to 2 pm, while the European Day of the Community would traditionally be held from 10 am to 1 pm UTC.

This month, Niantic does things a bit different and hosts an event from 3-6 PM local time. This should greatly ease the memory when the event occurs, as you will not have to change the hours of events to your time zone as you previously had.

What other bonuses do you have?

At the top of the increased Pokemon Miracle, Niantic offers some other bonus for players to take advantage of each Community Day. This month Pokemon Egg Incubators will be four times more effective than usual, which allows the eggs to stay out on a quarter of the distance they normally need. In addition, all worm modules that you activate during the event will be used for three hours and not 30 minutes, as usual.

In addition, this day the community also hosts the event of the spring equinox in Pokemon Go until March 26th. By then, Grass's pokemon will appear more often in the nature than Oddish, Exeggcute and Sunkern, while Niantic has added a special series of limited-time Field Research tasks that revolve around the Grass Pokemon. In addition, Pokemon Lunatone and Solrock, which are exclusive to the region, have replaced the regions and have the opportunity to first encounter their Shiny forms.


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