Friday , October 22 2021

Overview: "King Kong" is a mountain food


GREEN Mr. McOnie certainly worked with him. Among musical numbers that feel ruthless, the ensemble turns out to be a group of over-imitated mimes playing charades. But here is my question for you: Did you actually enjoy anything other than two or three terms of the Congo?

BRANTLEY It's not true. I continued that a higher camp factor could come. When the poor Ann was taken to the Congolese cave and the flesh of his household and illegal paths, I wanted the reincarnation of Madeline Kahn, who with similar material made such a blissful hay from "Young Frankenstein."

GREEN The camp here is all random. Jungle skulls on the skull look like green spaghetti with spheres. (The scenography and projection designer is Peter Anglia.) But the pressure of music and the excessive intensity of the performance never allow you to laugh and therefore enjoy the funny story.

BRANTLEY Deal. By the way, if you look at the account of the Australian incarnation five years ago, which had the book Craig Lucas, she had more signs, including a love interest for Ann. In fact, there are three central human signs in this version: An Ann; chauvinist, bad-mogul Carl; and (oh, dear) his skillful, slow, mean helper, Lumpy (Erik Lochtefeld).

GREEN The charm of previous authors, which they discouraged during musical development, has dug out the ball. But Mr Lochtefeld actually manages to find sincere and human success, although most of what he has to say, maudlin hogwash.

BRANTLEY Yes, the scream did not have eloquence. Fay Wray, the star of the original, best remembered that she had a terrible horror when she was in the grave of a great man. But our rude Ann is not able to scream in fear. Instead, she bugs, and that's what attracts her soul mate Kong with her. Unfortunately, I did not hear the power of Katy Perry in the screaming of Mrs. Pitts.

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