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One picture, which now catches the organic excitement of Pete Buttigi

The Des Moines audience estimated that there were more than 1,000 people, while some said that the number was actually close to 1,600. Focusing on a certain number is a missed point. And the point is, there were many people at the Buttigieg rally. BIG.

"When Buttigieg said in the beginning of February that he wanted to be president, the Democrat faced a group of about two dozen in the Ames cafe. Half thought it was true for coffee; comment."

During the first visit to Buttigi and the third on Tuesday, only 67 days passed. What does he say about how quickly he came from "who"? to "holy cow!" – and all without managing a single television ad or, indeed, carrying out any communication communication outside the CNN City House last month in Austin and traveling to the country for early elections to meet with voters. His momentum in the race is extremely organic.

"The people who came to Pete's event last night – and our events in general – just want to see Pete in the flesh and join the campaign," said Lis Smith, communications director at Buttigi, by e-mail Wednesday.

The crowd in Des Moines on Tuesday night is a living, breathing sign of this organic energy. While Buttigieg is "the" candidate of the moment in the 2020 race, he is still in the process of building a team in Iowa – and other early countries. He misses his organization on the ground, for example Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren or senator Vermont Bernie Sanders. Warren has 50 (!) Employees in Iowa; Sanders' campaign said that 20,000 supporters of volunteers have already been identified. Buttigieg today has two staff members in Iowa. TWO. Smith says the campaign uses the online organization tool – Mobilize America – to encourage people to attend events. There are no recurring text messages or callers with reminders that you received from your phone.
And it's not just about the size of the crowd that tells the story of Buttigieg Bump. In the Monmouth University survey in Iowa earlier this month, Buttigieg took 9% – lags only for Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. And in the poll of the Saint Anselm College of New Hampshire voters, Buttigieg also fell behind Biden and Sanders.
One thing: While energy is up from the roots of Buttigieg a) true b) maintenance and c) something that every other candidate in the race worries badly does not necessarily have to predict much anything. Yes, through the power of personality and message and story, which has been echoed by voters so far, Buttigieg has already reached the level in the race by 2020, which many thought he would never gamble. (He is ranked 5th in the latest CNN estimates in 2020.) But this is in April 2019, but not in April 2020.
Nobody knows that reality is more than Buttigieg. "I have no illusion that it looks good in April '19, that we are where we must be in order to win this thing," said Radio Iowi on Tuesday night.

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