Friday , February 26 2021

One of the best stars of NXT is moving to WWE's Main Roster

One of the biggest stars in the NXT will cause a lot of destruction on the main WWE list.

When it comes to NXT superstars that are called up to the main WWE list, they usually take place during a draft, super-starling or randomly as a surprise. Of course, there are some that were built, such as SAnitY SmackDown Live, but their arrival was not considered. On Sunday night WWE decided to disclose that he would soon call another NXT talent, Surviving the series.

Now, many fans may not have noticed a prediction, as it actually took place during the Kickoff Show since Surviving the series. This is usually when there is a game or two, along with lots of recaps and comments from legends and other predictors.

As reported Seats in cages, although WWE had a vignette that was held during the Kickoff Show, which did not show or say much, but did the job.

In a short promotion, Lars Sullivan stands behind a steel fence and looks at the camera in horror, as his name appears before him. Shortly thereafter, the words "come in soon" appear in the video, but this is all we know until his arrival on the main WWE list.

Keeping up with the mystery of everything, WWE simply hashtagged #TheFreak and repeated "… .coming soon" in the title tweet. Some of his NXT highs were also shown during a short video and remain impressive.

Sullivan's latest NXT game is one that happened earlier Takeover: War Games II Saturday night. He beat the talented talent and the match was filmed on television. It is expected to be on this episode on Wednesday NXT on WWE.

The correct name of Lars Sullivan is Dylan Miley and is a 30-year-old beast, standing at 6-3 "and weighing at 330 pounds. He is a monstrous force that is incredibly terrifying and has had a great ride in the NXT, though that she never got any title.

Sullivan had a great success in NXT, having been in the NXT North American Title for the first time, and even with Alister Black he played in the NXT Championship. Lars had a recent flicker with Keith Lee, but it seems like this song will no longer be held because of his call.

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Wrestling Inc. reports that soon other names may come from NXT. It has been reported that WWE officials have changed the main role tonight Surviving the series pay-per-view.

Lars Sullivan apparently impressed many people when he made his NXT television debut in April 2017. He succeeded him with some of the best ones he has a yellow trademark, and now he will bring his size and power to the main WWE list. It's not yet known whether it will be listed Monday night but SmackDown Live, but all superstars must be informed.

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