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One of the best PCs from 2018 comes on PS4, Xbox One and Switch


Now she announced that she will bring one of her best PC games to consoles in 2018. Dva Point Hospital, the spiritual successor of the Theme Hospital, comes to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in "the end of 2019".

The game will arrive on these platforms both physically and digitally, and new versions will include all updates and new features that the computer edition received after launch. This also means that the two extensions of the game, Bigfoot and Pebberley Island, will be packaged. The price was not published.

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Our critic James Swinbanks enjoyed a management simulation and gave him a score of 8/10 in a review of the two points of the GameSpot. "It's interesting that it takes so long to show the spiritual heir of the Thematic Hospital, but now that it's here, it seems worth it to wait," he wrote.

"The exaggerated, drawn look and relaxed approach to management is attractive enough for most players, while the deeper aspects of its economy are enough to engage experienced players. The two-point hospital not only re-builds the old formula into something modern and enjoyable repeats the classic brand of unstoppable charm and wit.

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