Obsidian Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic 3 fought against the old, monstrous gentlemen of Sith


When the work turned to KoTOR 2, Obsidian was ready to make a third game in a recognized RPG series. Unfortunately, it never happened, but what was planned was one of the writers.

In a conversation with Chris Avellon at Reboot Development, I asked if Obsidian had ever had a story that was planned for Knights of the Old Republic 3 and did it. Here is the basic premise, in the words of Avellona:

"When we finished with the second, we all tried to restore life back to common sense," recalls Avellona. "We started working on the third court, because we always imagined a trilogy. Even when we're working on another race, we [tried] to announce what Darth Revan was doing in the second game, and that he was not always ruthless and foolishly blowing everything. In fact, he had a bigger plan because there were some major manipulations and threats.

"The third game you played as a player followed the place where Revan went, and then the fight against the real Sith masters, who are far more scary than the Darths that appear. These guys would be just monsters. This would have a considerable level of power, but at the same time they could dig into their psychology and their personality, their history and even how they treated the player how they talk to the player. , the various powers that they cultivated and developed, and for some of them, such as – they are ancient, therefore they do not only control the solar system, [but] galaxies.

"So the places you travel in [you’d see] how they left their mark in this world or on the solar system, or on any collection of moons. We'd see how terrible it was. Part of this environment would tell a story about it. [That] it would be a great, epic way to end the trilogy. The old republic is out there. We did not have this opportunity alone. "

These ancient Sith gentlemen would initially be mysterious, but would not be known as Snoke in newer movies. Avellone thinks that the problem with this character is that it has too much mystique, where these evil beings would have interesting and diverse stories of origin that could be discovered. Avellone is not quite convinced why the game never happened, but speculates that internal politics could take place.

"I think it's part of the reason, and I'm speculating that Lucas Artsu was at that time an internal team that wanted it," says Avellone. "Obviously we would have an advantage over us. So I think this was one of the factors. Another factor is that … BioWare tried to do this several times. They tried to set him up and tried to put it in, and they were like, "Hey, we'll make a third game."

"So I do not know if people thought that there would not be enough sales, [or if] they did not care to play with one player. I know a lot of people who would like to play, but obviously these numbers may not be big enough or anything, so I do not know what was the deal. So [the answer] "I do not know." Laughs. "It was not us!"

To see more Avellona Stellar Stories, she is currently working with Disney: Fallen Star Wars, along with five other narrators. Official disclosure is happening today.


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