Mueller's report summary released, does not show proof Trump team conspiracy with Russia


Advocate General William Barr published the "main conclusions" of the special adviser Robert Mueller on Sunday, who finally searched Russia, in a four-page letter to MEPs Capitol Hill that Mueller did not prove that the president of Trump or some of his colleagues in Campaign Trump clashed with Russia in order to avoid the elections in 2016 – "despite repeated offers by Russian individuals who support the Trump campaign."

For Trump, who has tweeted more than 230 times not to talk to the Russians about serious accusations of the media and political figures, this moment was almost complete confirmation. Although Mueller pointed out that his report did not "relieve" the Trump on obstruction, Barr wrote that "the report does not recommend any further allegations, nor a special counselor has obtained any sealed indictments that need to be published yet."

"Without agreement, no obstacles, complete and complete extortion," Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday afternoon. "AM YOU ARE AMERICA GREAT!"

He later told reporters: "It was just announced that there was no agreement with Russia, the most ridiculous things I've heard. There was no agreement with Russia, there were no obstacles. If I go through this, to be honest, the damage is that your President had to go through this – since I was elected, it started, and it started illegally. Let's hope somebody looks at the other side, it was an unlawful removal that failed. "

Mueller's team specifically examined two Russian efforts to interfere in the elections in 2016 – first, the work of the Russian organization, the Internet Research Agency (IRA), for "disinformation and social media operations" aimed at "sifting disparities" in the United States .

According to Barr's letter, "a special advisor did not find that any employee in an American or a tramp campaign or associate would have called or consciously coordinated with the IRA in its efforts, even though the Special Adviser had brought criminal charges against a number of Russian citizens and entities with these activities. "

Mueller then investigated whether the Trumpa team was involved in hacking electronic messages, many of which were publicly announced through agents such as WikiLeaks, which belonged to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).


"The Special Adviser did not find out that the Trump or anyone connected to, concentrated or coordinated with it" with the Russians who worked on such hacking efforts, in accordance with Barr's letter, "despite repeated offers by Russian individuals, would help the Trump campaign. "

Mueller's report did not reach a conclusion as to whether the Trump campaign hindered the judiciary, and left that decision to Barr and officials of the DOJ, who found that there was insufficient evidence of obstruction. Mueller acknowledged, "according to Barr's letter," that the lack of evidence that Trump was involved in arguing would undermine any instance of hindrance-which would depend on whether the President would show the corrupt intent.

Chief Prosecutor William Barr left his home in McLean, Va, on Sunday morning. (AP Photo / Sait Serkan Gurbuz)

Chief Prosecutor William Barr left his home in McLean, Va, on Sunday morning. (AP Photo / Sait Serkan Gurbuz)

"A special lawyer therefore did not conclude – in one way or another – whether the consideration examined constituted an obstacle," according to Barr's letter. "Instead, for each of the acts in question, the report contains evidence on both sides of the issue and remains unresolved, which is considered by the Special Adviser as" difficult questions "of law and the facts relating to whether it is possible to look at the actions and the purpose of the President. the prosecutor states that "although this report does not conclude that the president has committed a criminal offense, he is not relieved from it".


Barro's letter concluded: "After reviewing the final report of the Special Adviser on these issues … Deputy State Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein and I have established that the evidence produced during the investigation of the Special Adviser is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an offense for an infringement of the right. "

"It was an illegal removal that failed."

– President Trump

"Our decision was taken regardless of the constitutional aspects surrounding and not based on the charge and prosecution of the Chairman-in-Office," Barr said.

Barr said Mueller's team "thoroughly" investigated allegations that the Trump team was trying to get involved with the Russians or hinder investigators. A special consultant issued more than 2,800 summons, carried out nearly 500 orders for investigation, obtained over 230 communication orders, issued nearly 50 orders allowing the use of letterheads, filed 13 requests for foreign governments for evidence, and conducted interviews with approximately 500 witnesses, "Barr wrote.

President Trump announced more than 230 times that he had not agreed with the Russians during the high-profile accusations of the media and political figures. (AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin)

President Trump announced more than 230 times that he had not agreed with the Russians during the high-profile accusations of the media and political figures. (AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin)

After a 22-month investigation involving six former trubow consultants, Barro's disclosure was a top-notch moment, but there were no indictments related to an agreement with Russia.

The letter promised to solve some of the biggest open issues of Mueller's investigation, although the Democrats promised on Sunday that they would continue with other investigations, and the members of both parties continued to demand the publicity of the most of Mueller's report. .

Barr's letter stated that he would work with Mueller quickly to find out which parts of the court could be omitted and which had to be rejected because they contained sensitive matters related to a large jury that were protected by law . The DOJ official confirmed to Fox News that the process of determining which information can be released has already begun.

Trump's personal legal team, including Rudy Giuliani, Jay Sekulow, Jane Serena Raskin and Martin R. Raskin, announced the victory later on Sunday.

"As we have said from the very beginning, there was no agreement and no obstacle," lawyers said. "This is a complete and complete confirmation of the President."

Special councilor Robert Mueller and his wife, Ann, leave the bishop's church of St. John, opposite the White House, in Washington on Sunday. (AP Photo / Cliff Owen)

Special councilor Robert Mueller and his wife, Ann, leave the bishop's church of St. John, opposite the White House, in Washington on Sunday. (AP Photo / Cliff Owen)

In response to Barr's letter, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Justice Jerry Nadler, DNY, announced: "It seems that the Ministry of Justice puts matters in the court of the Congress."

Nadler, in a conversation with Fox News Sunday, insisted: "So we know a lot of things and may not have been accused, but we know that there was an agreement. The question is the rate."

The top Democrats in the Congress tried to respond to the end of Mueller's test this weekend, organized an urgent conference call and discussed possible further steps.

The Supreme Democrats at the Senate Judiciary Committee confessed to journalists on Saturday that it was possible that Barr's release of Mueller's orders would likely lead to a celebration between supporters of President Trump – many of whom have been with the president for more than two years, during the crackdown on unproven accusations. that the Trump campaign has unlawfully co-operated with Russia in order to influence the 2016 elections.


"This is the beginning of the beginning, but this is not the beginning of the end," said senator Delaware Chris Coons, who repeated his party's strategy to move to other investigations, including probes into Trump's financial transactions. "When we get the main conclusions of the report," he added later, "I believe that it is entirely possible that this will be a good day for the president and his central supporters."

In this sense, Nadler said that the Democrats will continue their efforts.

"The work of the Congress is much wider than the work of a special advisor," Nadler said. "A special advisor is looking for and can only be looking for crimes. We need to protect the rule of law, we must seek the abuse of power, we need to look for barriers to justice, we need to look for corruption in the exercise of power that may not be crimes."

But Doug Collins, a member of the Justice Commission, who spoke for Fox News Sunday, argued that Democrats are unlikely to discover anything Mueller could not do.

"As we saw in the first two months of this congress, [Democrats] they do not actually have a political agenda, "Collins said." They have an agenda against the president. They have an agenda to try to win in 2020. And so, what we see is that they think they can go to the Judicial Committee or any other committee and have a limited budget, limited authorization to issue court summons, limited staff and struggling against a 22-month investigation, had unlimited power, an unlimited power to issue court summons, had quite a number of investigators – and they think they can find more than what they did, and then I think that unfortunately they disturb. "

The former senior employee repeated these remarks and told Fox News that the Democrats did not have the key investigative powers that Mueller had, including the ability to call large jams – and that Nadler's attempted to criminalize meetings with foreign actors, that a special adviser tried to criminalize meetings with foreign actors. apparently designated are simply not criminal.

"With all the speeches of Democrats intensifying their inquiries in the house," said the former official, it was important to note that "unlike the special adviser to Mueller, Congress and [DOJ Inspector General] can not convene large magistrates and prosecute. If Mueller could not find an agreement or conspiracy with any investigative tool, what do Democrats expect them to achieve? "

Some conservatives have argued that the Democrats should be under greater control of their contacts with foreign citizens. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have hired Fusion GPS to prepare the British ex-spy Christopher Steele to produce anti-paper files that the FBI has used to justify control at the top of Trump's assistant. – even when the news received exclusively this week by Fox News revealed that the DOJ apparently aroused "recurring" concerns that Steele, whose anti-truffle positions are now widely known, is politically biased.

Trump's assistant, Carter Page, was not charged with any mistakes, although the FBI initially claimed to have been cheated with the Russians.

On Sunday, Ohio GOP rep. Jim Jordan said on Sunday that if Mueller's report is publicly disclosed, then all documents relating to this should be published – including full FISA monitoring account Page.

"We demanded that this information be published a long time ago," Jordan said in a television interview.

When Trump showed self-confidence, Trump mahal and raised two inches to the fans when he returned to the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Saturday. The entertainer Kid Rock later later uploaded a photo of his golf trip with Trump.


On Sunday morning, Trump broke an unusual, almost 40-hour silence in Twitter when writing simply: "Good morning, come on a good day!"

He added, a few minutes later: "COMPLETE AMERICA BIG!"

Jake Gibson from the Ministry of Justice and Chris Wallace contributed to this report.


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