Thursday , August 5 2021

More bus companies looking to fill Void Left By Bieber

ALLENTOWN, PA – The sudden death of Bieber Tourways has other companies mobilizing to fill the void.

Yesterday, the company suddenly closed its doors, prompting many drivers to ask, "Where should I go?"

Several transport companies are already planning to increase their customer service.

69 News has heard from four different companies since the closing down, to make customers aware that just because Bieber is gone, there are other options.

Not knowing the news on Friday, several people attempted to catch a Bieber bus in Lehigh and Northampton in New York on Saturday morning. When they were informed, they sounded.

"It's annoying," says Kylie Cucalon. "What should I do … drive now? I think I will have to figure it out."

"I bought a ticket on Tuesday or Thursday and now what happens to my 56 bucks?" Meredith Hardee asked.

It is not clear how or if the paid Bieber customers get their money back. In the meantime, companies like Klein Transport, Trans-Bridge Lines, Clydesdale Lines and TransportAzumah will try to pick up where Bieber ended up.

"We will start the service on Monday. There are still some pieces in the puzzle we are producing," says Alison Klein Sherman, vice president of Finance.

"We are trying to help everyone who needs to return home, but again, because we do not work at this time, it's very limited," says Clydesdale Lines founder Derek Sheldon.

In a statement to 69 News, Trans-Bridge says that "they determine where additional buses can be provided for our service in New York, with the expectation that existing routes will see an increase in the number of passengers ahead."

The owner of Bieber Tourways attributed the closure of 72 cycles to a small number of cyclists and an ever-increasing cost. And although this is for all the remaining Bieber parties, some have already cited their case.

"I live in Berks County, I care for the Berks and Lehigh Valley districts and I want to make sure that you have taken care of the customer first," says Sheldon.

"Our longevity in the industry and our reputation for excellent customer service would certainly help," says Klein Sherman.

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