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Man proposes girlfriends after adopting New Puppy Basset Hound

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Ileana is the editor of the original content. She lives in Queens, NY.

Trevor Karbowski always knew he wanted a dog, especially a bait dog. He and his girlfriend, Kerri Camp, had seen one on their first date, and he was dead determined to take one.

Finally, after two years together, Kerry decided it was time to take a dip and adopt a puppy. They found a perfect betting pole, Scooter, and started the adoption process.

When they went to get Scooter, Trevor and Kerri were nervous and excited, but for very different reasons. Kerry was waiting to get the Scooter home, but Trevor was predicting something even more important: by proposing Kerry.

Trevor had created a "new behavioral oath" to sign it, and the last item in the contract said, "Finally !!! I have a note on my tag that MUST BE ANSWERED before I get home !!"

When Kerry saw the final instruction and looked at the name of the Scooter name, she was flooring. Instead of the Scooter name, the tag said, "Marry my dad!"

As Kerri looked at the tag, Trevor fell on one knee and opened a ring box. No need to say, Kerry was in full companion.

After she realized what was happening, she said yes, and the new family of three hugged each other.

Watch the adorable video below to see the unique way Trevor proposed to Kerr!

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