Tuesday , January 26 2021

Horoscope for today, January 6, 2021

Your horoscope for today, January 6, 2021, is here with an astrological prediction for all zodiac signs starting this Wednesday.

“As above, so below …” is the motto for Wednesday and if you tried to do things differently the first week of the year, then you’re in luck.

Mars enters Taurus on Wednesday.

Mars will not decompose in 2021, so its energy is direct and straight ahead.

Mars was last retrograde in Aries in 2020, so a strong and clear year begins for us as it enters the house of money and personal property.

Mars is a planet to be observed as it will change in the real estate market, finance and perhaps even cryptocurrencies over the next six weeks along with the chaotic Uranus in Taurus.

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Expect inflation bubbles to burst and some to rise to fill the gaps left when Mars is in Taurus.

There is only one more week in Capricorn until the full moon, and on Wednesday the last quarter is perfected in the zodiac sign of Libra.

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