Henderson remembers 2014: "I was a lot on the edge"


Date of publication: Saturday, April 13, 2019 8:49

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has unfinished business with Chelsea, because the defeat on the side of Jose Mourinho still hurts in 2014.

The withdrawn English midfielder could look at the tribune with powerlessness, as the best Reds 2-0 on Anfield finished with a 11-game win and gave the initiative to the eventual champion Manchester City.

Brendan Rodgers's side then drove the Crystal Palace with a 3-0 lead to equalize in an attempt to improve the target difference worse than the city – but this all resulted from failing to get at least a point at home at home second-class Chelsea, who would preserve his fate in his hands.

"It was hard to watch. It was difficult to miss these games at a crucial time. Chelsea went to work and they did it well, "said Henderson, who along with goalkeeper Simon Mignolet and Daniel Sturridge spent the 2014 team.

"I've been on the edge for a long time. I also felt this in the crowd when time was wasted in the first few minutes. It was not nice to watch.

"For me, this is just another thing I've used to keep all my energies and focus them on winning winning games and success for Liverpool.

"This is a fantastic team, but this is a great month for us or for the team, and we hope that we will be able to continue to perform and continue with the winnings in order to get the results we need to exceed the line.

"You want to win trophies, especially when you're in this football club.

"I'm trying to use this time as an experience and try to help the boys in the best possible way. This is a new chapter and a new team. "

There is a key difference between 2014 and the current version, and this is their defense stability.

The Rodgers team played an exciting football, but the fact that they achieved 101 goals this season was the same. Their collapse was at the other end, where they recognized 50.

They also failed to cope with the frustration created by Mourinho's ultra-defensive tactics in the game, now known for slipping Steven Gerrard in his half, which Dembi Ba enabled a key breakthrough just before the interval.

Fans of the opposition – and not just Chelsea – still underestimate Liverpool with a song about this incident, but Henderson insists they are better prepared to cope with expectations and frustration.

"I still felt that we had this belief when we walked for a few years ago, but we were not as strong as we wanted," Henderson added.

"I do not want to compare. This is a completely different team.

"The biggest difference between the team compared to the team at that time is that we are defensively more solid and we receive fewer goals, which is a big thing in the Premier League.

"For us, it's about focusing on ourselves and focusing on what we need to do. We must continue to win.

"I hope that the city will slip at some point, but – for us – it is a victory in our own games.

"If we focus on our performances, everything else worries about ourselves."


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