Monday , June 21 2021

Emperor Millan reveals why family dog ​​Biden Major Major may bite people: “No safety protocol”

Celebrity Dog Trainer Cesar Millan joined Fox News Primetime on Tuesday to discuss what causes Major Biden’s Major’s dog to play after he bit two people at the White House last month

MILAN: The animals really react energy in the environment. But this is a great example of not having a security protocol to introduce dogs to the White House

Accidents happen because there is no safety protocol. We can’t blame the dog, that’s the first thing we need to understand. We can’t blame the dog. We need to take full responsibility for how to introduce the dog to the environment and then introduce the dog to new people to gain trust, respect and love. Then you have harmony.

Here is a great opportunity. If everyone understands the same and acts the same, they will all be Major’s best friends. You are needed to raise a child. Here, if they do the same, you must have an agreement, a commitment, and follow, everyone will talk to the dog. This way everyone can connect and communicate. The reason I can help dogs around the world is because they speak the same language. In the White House or in my house, we need to learn to talk to the dog so that the dog understands what we want is trust, respect, and love.

We all have problems. After the age of 20, people have problems. The rescue dog is therefore a dog that had problems and was placed in a shelter. This does not mean that it cannot return to normal. Returning to a normal state means that a person gives exercise, mental stimulation, and affection. Body, mind, heart. This returns it to normal. Rescue dogs [, it] does not mean that they are broken. The rescue dog means they had a man in front of them who didn’t know how to fulfill the dog’s life. Thus the dog became unstable.


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